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FAQ03027 of Timers FAQ

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What are the inrush current values for Timers and Time Switches?


See the inrush current table (reference values) provided below. The blank items (marked with a line) in the table indicate values that have been omitted because they are close to steady-state current. All of the values in this table are approximate and should be used for reference only.


ModelVoltageApplied voltageInrush current
(peak value)
(see note)
H3CR-A, -A8, -AP100 to 240 VAC/100 to 125 VDC264 VAC780 mA1.8 ms
137.5 VDC310 mA3.2 ms
24 to 48 VAC/12 to 48 VDC26.4 VAC830 mA2.4 ms
26.4 VDC570 mA6.3 ms
H3CR-A8E100 to 240 VAC/100 to 125 VDC264 VAC1.76 A0.1 ms
137.5 VDC550 mA0.2 ms
24 to 48 VAC/DC26.4 VAC270 mA35 ms
26.4 VDC270 mA31 ms
H3CR-AS, -A8S24 to 48 VAC/12 to 48 VDC26.4 VAC370 mA2.2 ms
26.4 VDC250 mA3.2 ms
H3CR-F100 to 240 VAC264 VAC750 mA1 ms
24 VAC/DC26.4 VAC0.85 A10 ms
26.4 VDC0.6 A9.4 ms
12 VDC13.2 VDC52 mA3.3 ms
48 to 125 VDC137.5 VDC0.5 A9.1 ms
H3CR-HS Series100/110/120 VAC132 VAC1.05 A111 ms
200/220/240 VAC264 VAC1.07 A119 ms
24 VAC/DC26.4 VAC1.26 A133 ms
26.4 VDC0.85 A137 ms
48 VDC52.8 VDC0.73 A112 ms
100 to 125 VDC137.5 VDC0.62 A109 ms
M Series100/110/120 VAC132 VAC1.02 A364 ms
200/220/240 VAC264 VAC1.03 A323 ms
24 VAC/DC26.4 VAC1.21 A478 ms
26.4 VDC0.87 A560 ms
48 VDC52.8 VDC0.71 A384 ms
100 to 125 VDC137.5 VDC0.62 A380 ms
H3M Series200/220/240 VAC264 VAC1.2 A0.5 ms
100/110/120 VAC132 VAC620 mA0.4 ms
110 VDC---------
100 VDC---------
48 VDC52.8 VDC5 A1 ms
24 VDC26.4 VDC2.6 A1 ms
12 VDC13.2 VDC1.3 A1 ms
H3YN SeriesAll specifications except for 12 VDC---------
12 VDC13.2 VDC600 mA1 ms
H3RN SeriesAll specifications except for 24 VAC---------
24 VAC26.4 VAC200 mA60 ms
H3Y SeriesAll specifications except for 12 VDC---------
12 VDC13.2 VDC350 mA0.4 ms
H5CX-A, -L100 to 240 VAC264 VAC5.3 A0.4 ms
24 VAC/12 to 24 VDC26.4 VAC6.4 A1.4 ms
26.4 VDC4.4 A1.7 ms
H5CX-B12 to 24 VDC26.4 VDC0.251.2 ms
H3CA-A Series24 to 240 VAC/12 to 240 VDC264 VAC1.6 A0.6 ms
H3CA-8, -8-306200/220/240 VAC264 VAC1.5 A0.6 ms
100/110/120 VAC132 VAC780 mA5 ms
24 VDC---------
H3CA-8H, -8H-306200/220/240 VAC264 VAC1.6 A0.6 ms
100/110/120 VAC132 VAC1.5 A5 ms
24 VDC26.4 VDC1.2 A2 ms
H3AM-NS, -NSR100 to 240 VAC264 VAC2.74 A1.7 ms
H3DE24 to 230 VAC/DC253 VAC4.4 A0.03 ms
253 VDC2.68 A0.03 ms
26.4 VDC203 mA11 ms
H3DE-H200 to 230 VAC200 VACApprox. 0.8 A130 ms
100 to 120 VAC100 VACApprox. 0.93 A130 ms
48 VAC/DC48 VACApprox. 0.95 A130 ms
48 VDCApprox. 0.68 A70 ms
24 VAC/DC24 VACApprox. 1.25 A140 ms
24 VDCApprox. 0.89 A40 ms
H3DS24 to 230 VAC/24 to 48 VDC253 VAC0.1251 ms
26.4 VDC0.5 A4 ms
H5BR-B100 to 240 VAC264 VAC6.7 A1 ms
24 VAC26.4 VAC8 A2 ms
H5CN Series100 to 240 VAC264 VAC500 mA2 ms
12 to 48 VDC52.8 VDC1.2 A3 ms
H5AN Series100 to 240 VAC264 VAC16 A1 ms
100 VDC110 VDC8 A2 ms
48 VDC52.8 VDC5 A3 ms
12 to 24 VDC26.4 VDC15 A2 ms
H3FA-A24 VDC26.4 VDC180 mA2 ms
12 VDC13.2 VDC600 mA2 ms
6 VDC6.6 VDC660 mA2 ms
5 VDC5.5 VDC550 mA2 ms
H3FA-SA24 VDC26.2 VDC180 mA2 ms
12 VDC13.2 VDC90 mA2 ms
6 VDC6.6 VDC660 mA2 ms
5 VDC5.5 VDC550 mA2 ms

Time Switches

ModelVoltageApplied voltageInrush current (peak value)Time
(see note)
H2F Series100 to 240 VAC264 VAC2 A0.3 ms
12 to 24 VDC26.4 VDC1.9 A0.7 ms
H5L-AAll specifications---------
H5S Series100 to 240 VAC264 VAC2.5 A0.3 ms
24 VDC26.4 VDC1.1 A3 ms
H5F Series100 to 240 VAC264 VAC2 A0.3 ms
H4KV100 to 200 VAC240 VAC0.7 A0.5 ms

Note:Inrush current times are measured within the range shown by the following waveform.

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