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FAQ03143 of Basic Switches FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ03143

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Are there any Basic Switches or Limit Switches that can be used at high or low temperatures?


Yes, the models in the following table can be used at high or low temperatures. However, not all models are necessarily available even though the model number legends give them.

Heat-resistant Limit Switches and Basic Switches

Switch typeModelHeat resistance
Limit SwitchWL[]-TH5 to 120°C
Limit SwitchVE[]-TH5 to 100°C
Basic SwitchTZ-65 to 400°C
Basic SwitchV[]-T-25 to 150°C

Cold-resistant Limit Switches and Basic Switches

Switch typeModelCold resistance
Limit SwitchD4C-[]-C-40 to 70°C
Limit SwitchD4CC-[]-C-40 to 70°C
Limit SwitchWL[]-TC-40 to 40°C
Limit SwitchD4A-[]N-T-40 to 100°C
Limit SwitchSHL-[]-TC-40 to 70°C
Limit SwitchVE-[]-TC-40 to 70°C
Limit SwitchZE/XE-[]TC-20 to 50°C
Limit SwitchZV/XV-[]TC-20 to 50°C
Limit SwitchZV2/XV2-[]TC-20 to 50°C
Limit SwitchZ-[]-TC-25 to 80°C

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