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FAQ02991 of Limit Switches FAQ

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What is the difference between one-side operation and both-side operation in WL Limit Switches?


With one-side operation, Switches will only operate when the lever is pushed in one direction, left or right. They will not operate when it is pushed in the other direction. With both-side operation, Switches will operate when the lever is pushed in either direction.

One-side operation Switches operate as shown in the following figures.

One-side Operation for General-purpose and High-precision Switches

The output of the Switch will be changed, regardless of which direction the lever is pushed.

The output of the Switch will only be changed when the lever is pushed in one direction.

Cam Direction Changing Procedure for Overtravel, 90° Operation Switches

Loosen the cam holder with a coin or screwdriver. Take out the cam from the Switch.

Change the direction of the cam as required by your intended operation and then reinstall the cam.

Relationship of cam to operation as observed from the rear of Switch

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