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FAQ00843 of Level Switches FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00843

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When voltage is applied to 61F Floatless Level Controller, it operates regardless of the actual liquid level. What is the cause of the problem and how can it be corrected?


1. Causes in the Controller

When the electrode cables are wired close to power cables or in the same duct, inductive noise from the power cables may cause the Controller to operate without any liquid.


Wire the electrode cables and power cables separately and avoid wiring closely.
Also, properly ground the common voltage.

2. Causes in the Electrodes:

Some contaminant such as trash is entangled with the electrodes and shorting the electrodes.

The electrodes are being shorted within the Electrode Holder, possibly by condensation.


Separate the electrodes and install again.

3. Causes in the Wiring

Operation is not recovering due to a leakage current caused by parasitic capacitance to ground in the cables.
The cables' surface area increases as the cable length increases and the parasitic capacitance to ground increases with more conductors, making it easier for poor recovery to occur.


Use a 61F Long-distance Controller.