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FAQ02003 of Push Buttons / Indicator Lamps FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ02003

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Can the Push Button Switches be used with the minimum load current?


Yes. Some of the Pushbutton Switches can be used.

1. Applicable models (minimum application load)

1) Pushbutton Switch "A16 Series": DC5V1mA
(exception: A165E-[]-[]-01/02: DC5V160mA)

2) All A3D Series: DC5V1mA

3) All A3C Series: DC5V1mA

4) A22 Switch Unit for minimum load: DC5V1mA

5) A3P Minimum Load Series: C5V1mA

6) A3K Minimum Load Series: DC5V1mA

If a switch for common load is used for minimum load switching, loose connection may be aused. Refer to the following diagram and use the switch within the area of use.

In addition, even when a minimum load type switch is used in its area of use shown in the following diagram, if a load generating incoming currents when switching is applied, insert a contact protection circuit if required.

Otherwise, it may cause contact erosion and then decrease in working life.

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