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FAQ00682 of inverters FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00682

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There are two kinds of noise filters available as Inverter accessories: the input noise filter and output noise filter. How are these filters used?


The "Input" and "Output" means that these Inverter Noise Filters are connected to the Inverter's input side and output side.

Input Noise Filter:

Reduces noise escaping to the power supply line.

This filter influences the devices connected to the same AC power supply system.

Output Noise Filter:

This filter can suppress noise emitted from the power cable between the motor and Inverter as well as ground noise due to the leakage current from the motor.

This filter influences devices with wiring near the Inverter as well as devices that use the same ground.

The difference between these filters is their different applications.

For example, the Input Noise Filter influences the operation of Sensors such as 2-wire AC Proximity Sensors.