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FAQ00684 of inverters FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00684

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Can a single-phase motor be controlled by a 3G3EV Inverter with a single-phase 100-V input?


No, a single-phase motor cannot be used. Doing so will cause a failure.

The Inverter creates a virtual alternating current with high-speed switching.

If the Inverter is connected to a single-phase capacitor-start induction motor, the capacitor will overheat and burn due to repetitive charging and discharging, so do not connect to this kind of motor.

In addition, if the Inverter is connected to a split-phase-start induction motor or repulsion-start induction motor, the motor's internal centrifugal switch will not operate, and the starting coil may overheat, so do not connect these kinds of motors. Use a three-phase motor.