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Photomicro Sensors

These Optical Sensors provide a compact, low-cost method to detect workpieces. Many models are available, including Slot-type Sensors (through-beam) for non-modulated or modulated light, Reflective Sensors, and Sensors with separate emitters and receivers.

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What are Photomicrosensors?

A Photomicrosensor is a small photoelectronic sensor with an amplifier built into it that is used primarily as a component for building into quipment.
Like any ordinary photoelectric sensor with a built-in amplifier, it is used, for example, in applications to detect passing objects or in positioning applications. The sensing object is most often a piece of metal called a "dog". When the dog enters the sensing area, it is optically detected by the Photomicrosensor, which outputs a signal.

Recommended Products

EE-SX47 / SX67

Global Standard Slot-type photomicrosensors with 50- to 100-mA direct switching capacity.


Built-in connector enables downsizing and easier connection. Protective circuit for safe operation.