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Precautions for Safety Use
Precautions for Correct Use

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Safety Precautions for All Level Controllers

Refer to the Safety Precautions section for each product for specific precautions applicable to that product.


Do not touch the terminals while power is being supplied.Doing so may possibly result in electric shock.

Do not attempt to disassemble, repair, or modify the product while power is being supplied. Doing so may occasionally result in electric shock.

Precautions for Safe Use

In order to ensure safe operation, be sure to observe the following points.

1.Use a power supply voltage within the specified range.

2.Do not use the Controller in locations subject to flammable gases or objects.

3.Insert the Socket until it securely clicks into place.

4.Do not short the load connected to the output terminals.

5.Do not connect the power supply in reverse.

6.Do not use the Controller in locations subject to explosive or combustible dust, combustible gas, flammable vapors, corrosive gas, excessive dust, salt water spray, or water drops.

7.Use the Level Controller within the specified ranges for ambient operating temperature, ambient operating humidity, and storage temperature (including during transportation).

8.Do not store, transport, or use the product in locations subject to high humidity or condensation, outdoors, or in direct sunlight.

9.Do not store, transport, or use the product in locations subject to excessive shock or vibration.

10.Recheck all wiring before using the product.

11.Read and understand the entire catalog before attempting to use or maintain the product.

12.Do not attempt to disassemble the product during use.

13.Do not use thinner or similar solvent for cleaning. Use commercial alcohol.

14.When discarding, properly dispose of the product as industrial waste.

15.Be careful not to get injured when taking apart the product for disposal.