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Time Switches

OMRON provides a variety of Time Switches from easy-to set analog one to digital ones that allow pricise setting and various time control.

Time Switches List

There are 5 products of Time Switches.

H5S Digital Time Switch H5S

Easier, More Convenient Time Switches, with New 4-circuit Output and Yearly Models in Addition to 2-circuit Weekly Models

H5F Digital Daily Time Switch H5F

Daily Time Control with Simple Operations

H5L Daily Time Switch H5L

Weekly Control with a Large Time Display

H2F-D Motor Time Switch H2F-D

ON/OFF Control 48 Times per Day in 15-min Increments. The H2F-D is a Low-cost Time Switch for Affordable Operation in a Compact DIN 72 x 72-mm Body. Choose the Ideal Model to Match the Application.

H2F-WM Motor Time Switch H2F-WM

Weekly ON/OFF Control in 1-h Increments. The H2F-WM is a Compact Weekly Time Switch in a DIN 72 x 72-mm Body Equipped with Power Interruption Backup Providing Protection for Crucial Times.