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Time Switches

OMRON provides a variety of Time Switches from easy-to set analog one to digital ones that allow pricise setting and various time control.

Time Switches List

There are 5 products of Time Switches.

H2F-D Motor Time Switch H2F-D

ON/OFF Control 48 Times per Day in 15-min Increments. The H2F-D is a Low-cost Time Switch for Affordable Operation in a Compact DIN 72 x 72-mm Body. Choose the Ideal Model to Match the Application.

H2F-WM Motor Time Switch H2F-WM

Weekly ON/OFF Control in 1-h Increments. The H2F-WM is a Compact Weekly Time Switch in a DIN 72 x 72-mm Body Equipped with Power Interruption Backup Providing Protection for Crucial Times.

H5F Digital Daily Time Switch H5F

Daily Time Control with Simple Operations

H5L Daily Time Switch H5L

Weekly Control with a Large Time Display

H5S Digital Time Switch H5S

Easier, More Convenient Time Switches, with New 4-circuit Output and Yearly Models in Addition to 2-circuit Weekly Models