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Digital Time Switch


Easier, More Convenient Time Switches, with New 4-circuit Output and Yearly Models in Addition to 2-circuit Weekly Models

Independent Day Keys provide easier operation.

Temporary holiday setting function makes it easy to turn OFF output for holidays and non-operating days.

Settings can be made even with the Time Switch turned OFF.

Test mode enables easy program checking.

Complies with EMC Directives, UL/CSA, and other safety standards.

Includes summer time (DST) adjustment. Yearly models also offer automatic switching to DST.

Set value can be changed both upward and downward for speedier setting.

Integrated temperature compensation circuit helps keep accurate time over a wide temperature range. *1

Includes time counter and total counter functions with alarm indicator. *2

Bank function allows program switching by an external input. *3

New 4-circuit output models with a compact, 72 × 72-mm DIN size added to the series.

*1. Available only on yearly models.
*2. Available only on 2-circuit models.
*3. Available only on weekly models.