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Pull-reset Safety Limit Switch


A Series of Pull-reset Models Now Available

Safety Limit Switches (with Direct Opening Mechanism)

Consult with your OMRON representative when ordering any models that are not listed in this table.

Actuator Conduit size Built-in switch mechanism
Model Model Model Model
Roller lever
(resin lever, resin roller)
1-conduit Pg13.5 D4N-1A20R D4N-1B20R D4N-1C20R D4N-1D20R
G1/2 D4N-2A20R D4N-2B20R D4N-2C20R D4N-2D20R
M20 D4N-4A20R D4N-4B20R D4N-4C20R D4N-4D20R
M12 connector D4N-9A20R D4N-9B20R --- ---
2-conduit G1/2 D4N-6A20R D4N-6B20R D4N-6C20R D4N-6D20R
M20 D4N-8A20R D4N-8B20R D4N-8C20R D4N-8D20R
Adjustable roller lever,
form lock
(metal lever, resin roller)
1-conduit Pg13.5 D4N-1A2GR D4N-1B2GR D4N-1C2GR D4N-1D2GR
G1/2 D4N-2A2GR D4N-2B2GR D4N-2C2GR D4N-2D2GR
M20 D4N-4A2GR D4N-4B2GR D4N-4C2GR D4N-4D2GR
M12 connector D4N-9A2GR D4N-9B2GR --- ---
2-conduit G1/2 D4N-6A2GR D4N-6B2GR D4N-6C2GR D4N-6D2GR
M20 D4N-8A2GR D4N-8B2GR D4N-8C2GR D4N-8D2GR
Adjustable roller lever,
form lock
(metal lever, rubber roller)
1-conduit Pg13.5 D4N-1A2HR D4N-1B2HR D4N-1C2HR D4N-1D2HR
G1/2 D4N-2A2HR D4N-2B2HR D4N-2C2HR D4N-2D2HR
M20 D4N-4A2HR D4N-4B2HR D4N-4C2HR D4N-4D2HR
M12 connector D4N-9A2HR D4N-9B2HR --- ---
2-conduit G1/2 D4N-6A2HR D4N-6B2HR D4N-6C2HR D4N-6D2HR
M20 D4N-8A2HR D4N-8B2HR D4N-8C2HR D4N-8D2HR
1-conduit Pg13.5 D4N-1A31R D4N-1B31R D4N-1C31R D4N-1D31R
G1/2 D4N-2A31R D4N-2B31R D4N-2C31R D4N-2D31R
M20 D4N-4A31R D4N-4B31R D4N-4C31R D4N-4D31R
M12 connector D4N-9A31R D4N-9B31R --- ---
2-conduit G1/2 D4N-6A31R D4N-6B31R D4N-6C31R D4N-6D31R
M20 D4N-8A31R D4N-8B31R D4N-8C31R D4N-8D31R
Roller plunger
1-conduit Pg13.5 D4N-1A32R D4N-1B32R D4N-1C32R D4N-1D32R
G1/2 D4N-2A32R D4N-2B32R D4N-2C32R D4N-2D32R
M20 D4N-4A32R D4N-4B32R D4N-4C32R D4N-4D32R
M12 connector D4N-9A32R D4N-9B32R --- ---
2-conduit G1/2 D4N-6A32R D4N-6B32R D4N-6C32R D4N-6D32R
M20 D4N-8A32R D4N-8B32R D4N-8C32R D4N-8D32R
One-way roller arm lever
1-conduit Pg13.5 D4N-1A62R D4N-1B62R D4N-1C62R D4N-1D62R
G1/2 D4N-2A62R D4N-2B62R D4N-2C62R D4N-2D62R
M20 D4N-4A62R D4N-4B62R D4N-4C62R D4N-4D62R
M12 connector D4N-9A62R D4N-9B62R --- ---
2-conduit G1/2 D4N-6A62R D4N-6B62R D4N-6C62R D4N-6D62R
M20 D4N-8A62R D4N-8B62R D4N-8C62R D4N-8D62R
One-way roller arm lever
1-conduit Pg13.5 D4N-1A72R D4N-1B72R D4N-1C72R D4N-1D72R
G1/2 D4N-2A72R D4N-2B72R D4N-2C72R D4N-2D72R
M20 D4N-4A72R D4N-4B72R D4N-4C72R D4N-4D72R
M12 connector D4N-9A72R D4N-9B72R --- ---
2-conduit G1/2 D4N-6A72R D4N-6B72R D4N-6C72R D4N-6D72R
M20 D4N-8A72R D4N-8B72R D4N-8C72R D4N-8D72R