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CJ-series High-speed Data Storage Unit (SPU Unit)


High-speed Collection of System Data

Functional and Performance Specifications

Item Specifications
Unit model number CJ1W-SPU01-V2
Applicable CPU Units CJ Series
Unit classification CPU Bus Unit
Unit number 0 to F
Mounting location CPU Backplane or CJ-series Expansion Backplane
No. of Units per PLC 16 Unit max.
Interfaces PC card slot Memory Card slot
Used by mounting a Memory Card. *
COMM port Connects to an uninterruptive power supply (UPS) for detection of power failure.
Ethernet (LAN) ports One port (10/100Base-TX, RJ45 Modular Connector)
UPS power failure input None (UPS connected to COMM port.)
Unit number switch (UNIT) Rotary switch: Sets the unit number of the Unit as a CPU Bus Unit.
Select switch (SELECT) Toggle switch: Sets the number of the command to execute.
Enter button (ENTER) Pushbutton switch: Confirms and starts execution of the command number set using the select
DIP switch (DIPSW) DIP switch: System settings
Card button Pressed to release the Memory Card inserted in the Memory Card slot. The Memory Card can
then be removed.
Indications LED indicators RUN, ERC, ERH, COMM, LAN1, LAN2, and CARD
7-segment display Displays error information and operating status of the SPU Unit.
Displays the command number set on the select switch.
Displays the IP address.
Display other information.
Functions Sampling
Saving files
Network communications
Recipe function
Operating modes Data Storage Mode and Sampling Mode (Either mode can be selected with the Change Operating
Mode command.)
Current consumption 5 VDC, 560 mA max. (SPU Unit only)
Other: Memory Card (HMC-EF[][][]): 120 mA max.
(Supplied from Power Supply Unit.)
Dimensions 51 × 90 × 65 mm (W × H × D)
Weight 180 g max.

* Use the HMC-EF[][][] Memory Card from OMRON. Normal operation may not be possible with any other compact flash cards.

General Specifications: Specifications conform to the general specifications of the CJ-series CPU Units.

Detailed Specifications

Item Specifications
Sampling Sampling
Sampling patterns Realtime sampling: 1 pattern
Normal sampling: Up to 3 patterns
Starting methods Any one of the following methods can be used:
Start automatically when SPU Unit is started.
Start with an SPU-Console operation.
Start with the SPU Unit’s front-panel command buttons.
(Specify the command number.)
Start from the CPU Unit’s ladder program.
Interval User-specified intervals: *1
Realtime sampling: 5 ms min.
Normal sampling: 100 ms min.
Data Storage
(Unit Ver. 1.2
or later)
Data Collection
Basic Collection Pattern: 1 pattern (required)
Data Collection Patterns: Up to 64 patterns
Starting methods Basic
Any one of the following methods can be used:
Start when a specified event occurs. (Use a memory event
or scheduled event. For details, see the description of
Data Collection Patterns 1 to 64 below.)
Start automatically when SPU Unit is started.
Start with an SPU-Console operation.
Start with the SPU Unit’s front-panel command buttons.
(Specify the command number.)
Start from the CPU Unit’s ladder program.
1 to 64
Either of the following methods can be used to start when
an event occurs:
Memory events:
Start when a CPU Unit bit or word value matches a specified
condition. Up to 500 memory events can be specified.
Scheduled events:
Start at a specified time or time interval. Up to 16 scheduled
events can be specified.
Interval User-specified intervals: *2 *3
Basic Collection Pattern: 5 ms min.
Data Collection Patterns: 100 ms min.
Data Storage
Mode (Unit
Ver.2.0 or
Copy option Basic Collection Pattern: Cannot be set.
Data Collection Patterns: Up to 10 patterns.
Mode and Data
Storage Mode
Applicable CPU
Unit I/O memory
CIO Area, WR Area, HR Area, AR Area, DM Area, and EM Area banks 0 to C
(CJ2: 0 to 18)
Specifying I/O
memory areas
Specify the desired CPU Unit I/O memory area (data area) with a variable.
The data type can be specified with the variable.
The variables can be managed in groups.
data types
Maximum number
of variables
7,776 words total for all variables
Record Condition
Set whether or not to use a record condition.
If a record condition is used, sampling data is stored within the SPU Unit only when
the record condition is met. For example, sampling data can be recorded only while
a specified bit is ON or a specified word contains a particular value (comparison).
Data exchange
with the CPU Unit
CPU Bus Unit Area
CPU Unit to SPU Unit: Command execution (such as starting/stopping sampling,
clearing a sampling file, or saving a sampling file).
SPU Unit to CPU Unit: SPU Unit status information
Saving files Collected data file
CSV files Indices (record number), time stamps (hh:mm:ss:ms), ns, sampling
indices (serial numbers starting at 0 when sampling is started), data for
each symbol delimited with comma, records delimited with carriage returns
Number of
sampling result
records stored
in one file
Any one of the following methods can be used.
The number of records can be specified.
A time period can be specified. (The number of records is calculated automatically
from the time period and interval between samples.)
With a version 1.2 or later SPU Unit, the number of records can be left unspecified.
(In this case, data is added to the file until data collection is stopped.
Records are added to one file from the start of data collection until the end.)
Scaling Instead of directly storing the values collected from the CPU Unit's I/O memory, the
collected values can be scaled with a linear equation or upper/lower limit range before
storage (unit version 1.2 or later).
File size 2 GB per file
Record size Specified by user.
Number of records Specified by user or calculated automatically.
Saving method Data can be saved to a single file or multiple files (up to 1,200 files).
Network communications Windows network
shared folders
Files in the Memory Card inserted in the PC card slot in the SPU Unit can be
shared with a Windows personal computer.
FTP FTP client provided.
FINS server to execute FINS command
Routing to transfer FINS messages
Data Storage
(Unit Ver. 2.0
or later)
Number of fields 10,000
Recipe files File format: CSV
The file size is restricted by the size of file that can be stored in the recipe folder.
Records: Specified by the user.
Number of records No limit, but restricted by the file size that can be stored in the recipe folder.
Writing method Conversion method: Each field is written to the specified address in the specified data
Continuous region method: Data written to continuos memory addresses.
Searching for
recipe keys
Searching within files: The text string that was passed as the key is searched for in the
target search columns in the recipe files and the rows for any matches that are found
are extracted as recipe data.
Searching for file names: The text string that was passed as the key is searched for in
the recipe file names (i.e., a search is made for key.csv), and the files with matching files
names are used as recipe files just like previous versions.
Key list search: A search is made for recipe keys with the method used for unit version

*1. In both cases, the sampling cannot be performed faster than the CPU Unit's cycle time. The actual sampling interval
       will always be longer than the CPU Unit's cycle time even if the sampling interval is set shorter than the cycle time.
*2. The Data Collection Patterns use the data collected by the Basic Collection Pattern, so the data will be collected at the
       Basic Collection Pattern’s interval even if the Data Collection Pattern’s interval is set shorter than the Basic Collection
       Pattern’s interval.
*3. The actual Basic Collection Pattern interval will always be longer than the CPU Unit's cycle time even if the sampling
       interval is set shorter than the cycle time.
Note: For details, refer to "CS1W-SPU01/SPU02-V2, CJ1W-SPU01-V2 SPU Units Operation Manual"(Cat. No. V236).

SPU-Console (Setting/Monitoring Software) Specifications

The SPU-Console is a software product used for OMRON's Storage and Processing Unit (called the SPU Unit) to set and operate the SPU Unit, monitor operating status/errors, display trend graphs, and perform other operations from a personal computer.

SPU-Console Specifications

Item Specifications
Model number WS02-SPTC1-V2 (SPU-Console Ver. 2.2)
System requirements Computer hardware Computer that meets the system requirements for Microsoft Windows
CD-ROM drive Required for installation.
Display Super VGA (800 × 600) or better high-resolution video adapter and monitor
Mouse Must conform to the models supported by the applicable OS.
Network card A separate Ethernet network card is required for computers that do not have a LAN port.
OS Microsoft Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
Microsoft Windows 8 (32bit/64bit)
Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32bit/64bit) *
Microsoft Windows 10 (32bit/64bit) *
Application platform Microsoft.NET Framework Version 4.6
Communications platform FinsGateway Version 2003
Functions Unit information, Unit setup, variable settings, collection pattern settings, event settings,
recipe settings, trend graphs, and reports
Unit information Monitor SPU Unit operating status and error information are displayed.
Operation Operations, such as starting sampling
Unit setup IP network settings
FINS network settings
Variable settings Setting items to sample (by specifying I/O memory addresses using variables)
Collection pattern settings Collection pattern settings (period, file designations for saving, etc.)
Recipe settings (Data Storage Mode) Recipe settings (recipe file, write destination, key, etc.)
Event settings
(in Data Storage Mode)
Memory event settings Settings for conditions according to changes in memory (e.g., bits turning ON)
Scheduler settings Settings for schedules (e.g., specific times, time intervals)
Trend graphs Historical trends CSV files are read and displayed.
Realtime trends
(Sampling Mode)
Current sampling data is read and displayed in trend graphics in real time.

* Use SPU-Console Ver. 2.21 or later for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Software Package Contents

The WS02-SPTC1-V2 contains the following software and data.

SPU-Console Execution Program

The program that performs SPU Unit settings and operations.

SPU Unit System Data

This system data is transferred to the SPU Unit.

FinsGateway Version 2003

This communications middleware is required to run the SPU-Console.

Manual Data

The manual data includes the SPU Unit Operation Manual (Cat. No. V236), the SPU-Console Operation Manual (Cat. No. V230), the SPU-Console Version 1.3 Operation Manual (Cat. No. V231), and the SPU-Console Version 2.2 Operation Manual (Cat. No. V237) in PDF (portable document format).