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Power Relays


Multi-pole Power Relay for Contactor Current Range Capable of Carrying and Switching 40 A at 440 VAC

High Capacity and High Insulation

Continuously apply 40 A at 440 VAC, or apply up to a maximum of 160 A by using 4-pole parallel connections for full power application.*
The Relays are highly insulated to support load switching of 40 A at 440 VAC.

* Always consult with your OMRON representative before using the maximum current of 160 A.

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Compact Size

Downsizing of approximately 40% volume compared with contactors.*
Contributes to space savings in control panels.

* IEC-AC1 50-A specifications

DIN Track Mountable

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Safety Function with Mirror Contacts

EN 60947-4-1 certification for mirror contact mechanisms has been obtained by using a combination of a relay and auxiliary contact blocks (5 VDC, 1 mA), enabling application in feedback circuits of safety circuits.

Low Noise and Low Power Consumption

Low noise of approx. 70 dB compared with the approx. 100 dB for contactors.*
Low power consumption of less than 4 W DC. Environmentally friendly specifications.

* IEC-AC1 50-A specifications

Saving Space and Energy (Applications)

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