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CRT1-[]D08TA(-1) / []D16TA(-1) / []D08TAH(-1) / []D16TAH(-1)

Digital I/O Slave Units with Screw Terminal Blocks (3-tier Terminal Block)

CRT1-[]D08TA(-1) / []D16TA(-1) / []D08TAH(-1) / []D16TAH(-1)

With the relay terminal blocks, doubling up wires on terminals is not necessary! Smart Slave Units with Easy-to-understand Wiring Locations with One Common for Every Point.

Doubling up wires on terminals is unnecessary and wiring locations are easy to understand with these Smart Slaves with 3-tier Terminal Blocks.

Easy-to-understand wiring. No doubling up of wires. Easy-to-understand wiring locations.

Simplify startup with the communications power supply monitor (Smart function).

Collect various preventive maintenance data required to improve productivity, such as information on equipment deterioration due to aging and equipment operating time data (Smart function).

The communications baud rate is set without using switches and addresses are set using rotary switches, so setting errors are reduced.

Communications connector and removable I/O terminal block enable maintenance without disconnecting wiring.