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Solid State Relays with Built-in Current Transformer


A New-concept SSR with Built-in Current Transformer. Heater Burnout and SSR Shortcircuit Failure Detection.

Heater Burnout Detection

The built-in CT monitors the load current.

Burnout can be detected for 1-line heaters or for 1 line in multiple heaters.

Detection is also possible for 3-phase heater circuits.

G3PF Features 5 G3PF_Features1

SSR Short-circuit Failure Detection

The built-in CT can detect SSR shortcircuit failures.

The alarm indicator shows if a heater burnout or SSR short-circuit failure has occurred.

Separate alarm outputs are provided on models with screwless clamp terminals or small slot terminals.

G3PF Features 10 G3PF_Features2

Easy Setting of Heater Burnout Detection Level

The decimal rotary switches can be used to easily set the heater burnout detection level.

The setting switches are provided on the front panel to enable easy confirmation of the setting.

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Save Space and Reduce Work Steps

The CT is built into the SSR, so no space is required for CT installation and wiring work is reduced.

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