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Self-powered Totalizer


Compact Economical Totalizer with High Visibility Available with Backlit LCD Display

Large display with 8.6-mm character height.

Includes new models with backlight for improved visibility in dimly lit places. (Requires 24-VDC power supply.)

Black and light-gray cases now available.

PNP/NPN universal DC voltage input types now available.

Battery is replaceable for Totalizer reuse and conservation of the environment.

Key-protect switch to prevent faulty reset key operation.

Dual operation mode.

Front face compatible with NEMA4/IP66.

Short body, all models have a depth of 48.5 mm.

Finger protection terminal block conforms to VDE0106, Part100.

Conforms to UL, CSA, and CE marking. Conforms to EN61010-1 (pollution degree 2/overvoltage category III.)

Conforms to EMC standards and EN61326, thus allowing use in residential, commercial and light- and heavy-industry environments.

Six-language instruction manual provided.

PCB-mounting models available. (Requires 3-V power supply.)