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PS-[]S(R) / -31

Electrode Holder

PS-[]S(R) / -31

Separate Electrode Holders for Water Supply and Drainage Control in Buildings. Small, Lightweight Electrode Holders for Use as Built-in Components.

Electrode Holders

Application Model
General applications for purified water For 3-pole electrode PS-3S
For 3-pole electrode (2-wire) PS-3SR
For 4-pole electrode PS-4S
For 4-pole electrode (2-wire) PS-4SR
For 5-pole electrode PS-5S
For 5-pole electrode (2-wire) PS-5SR
For small spaces (3-pole) PS-31 (SUS304, 300 mm)
PS-31 (SUS304, 1,000 mm)

Accessories (Order Separately)

Application Model
Protective Cover (for PS-[]S and BF-3/-5) F03-11
Mounting Frame (for PS-[]S) F03-12
Mounting Frame for Installing in Concrete (for PS-[]S) F03-13
Dust-proof Rubber Cap (for PS-31) F03-31