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PS-[]S(R) / -31

Electrode Holder

PS-[]S(R) / -31

Separate Electrode Holders for Water Supply and Drainage Control in Buildings. Small, Lightweight Electrode Holders for Use as Built-in Components.

Model PS-3S(R) *1 PS-4S(R) *1 PS-5S(R) *1 PS-31 *2
No. of Electrodes 3 4 5 3 *3
Material Resin (PBT = Polybutylene terephthalate)
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ min.
Operating temperature -10 to 70°C (with no icing)
Operating pressure Atmospheric pressure
Applications Water supply and drainage control in buildings Limited Mounting Space
Electrodes Purchase F03-01 separately. Single-piece construction

1. The Two-wire Electrode Holders (R models) have a built-in resistor of 6.8 kΩ. They should be used with the Two-wire 61F Controllers.
2. Cut the electrodes to the desired length.
3. PS-31 comes in a 3-pole model only.