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Oil-resistant Fiber Unit


The Ultimate Fiber Sensor for an Oily Environment.

The Ultimate Fiber Unit for Reliable, Stable Operation in Oily Environments

Best oil resistance in FA factory realized through the use of fluororesin and overwhelming optical power.


Optical Fiber
Prevents Damage from Oils *1

E32-T11NF Features 3

*1 Refer overleaf for details regarding resistance to oil as determined by our oil-resistance test.
      The Sensor is not designed for use in oils.
*2 Equivalent to IP68g of JIS C0920 Annex 1.


Reduces False Detections
Due to Oils

Unique Configuration Resists Oils and Chip immune

E32-T11NF Features 6

Maintains high-power output even when covered in oils

E32-T11NF Features 7


Optical Fiber
Lowers Total Cost

Optical Fiber Enables Using the Same Amplifiers to Reduce the Needs for Spare Equipments

E32-T11NF Features 10

Reduces Replacement Costs

E32-T11NF Features 11

Reduces Time Spent Changing Cable Lengths

E32-T11NF Features 12

* Use the Fiber Cutter provided.