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Smart Camera


Advanced inspection in a compact housing. Expanded performance and functionality. Camera, Communications, Software Tools, and Much More.

All You Need is One

All You Need in One Package

FQ2 Features 3

IP67 Water Resistance

FQ2 Features 4

The sensor can be used in wet environments.

Flexible Cables

FQ2 Features 5

All cables from the camera are flexible.
This allows the Sensor to be used safely on moving parts.

Smart Click Connectors

FQ2 Features 6

Connection is made quick and easy with a clear, definitive click-into-place mechanism.

Easily Perform Both Inspection and Positioning

You can combine multiple inspection items to perform external inspections, positioning, and other tasks all from a single Sensor.

External Inspection

External inspection of ICs can be completed with a single Sensor. The position offset of the entire pallet before inspection can be adjusted on the image itself, which reduces the amount of work required to increase mechanical positioning accuracy.

FQ2 Features 8

Component Positioning

The Sensor can measure angles of rotation and other position information, so it can also be used for positioning. Inspections can also be performed for the number and size of holes along with the position information.

FQ2 Features 9

New OCR Method to Quickly Read Characters without Dictionary Registration

Date Verification

Even if printing is distorted or unclear due to conveyor line conditions, a unique reading method with a built-in dictionary enables stable reading of characters.

FQ2 Features 11

Character Recognition and Label Position Inspection

Although previously performed as separate processes, character recognition and inspection tools can now both be performed with a single FQ2 Sensor.
This helps you reduce costs and save space.

FQ2 Features 12

Read Any of 15 Types of Codes from Paper Labels to Direct Marking

Code and Character Verification

OCR and Code Reading inspection items can be combined to read codes and verify them against character strings all within the FQ2.
No programming of external devices is required.

FQ2 Features 14

Reading Direct Marking Codes

It has become common to manage information by directly marking codes on products. However, differences in materials often causes instability when reading the printed characters.The FQ2 achieves stable reading with unique functionality designed just for DPM.

FQ2 Features 15

A Lineup That Fits a Wide Range of Equipment


We offer a diverse lineup of Sensors so that you can choose the one with the perfect field of view and installation distance for your needs.

Integrated Sensor

Seamless Field of View Variations

All-in-one Sensors tend to be limited in field of view variations, but we offer a lineup ranging from 7.5 mm up to 240 mm to meet your needs.

FQ2 Features 19

Wide View Sensors -- Perfect for Tight Spaces

A side-view wide-angle camera takes images and performs inspections across a wide area, even if the camera is close to the workpiece.
Perfect for mounting the sensor in locations with limited space. This also enables the Sensor to be installed alongside an assembly line without protruding in order to perform inspections from the side of the conveyor belt.

FQ2 Features 20

Sensors with C-mount lens

The Sensors with C-mount lens enable freedom of lens selection for long distances over 1 m and narrow fields of view under 1 mm that are not covered by our integrated Sensors.This type of Sensor is also useful when you want to use external illumination.

Long Distance

FQ2 Features 22

Narrow Field of View

FQ2 Features 23

Note: A commercially available telecentric lens is required for narrow field of view applications

Lighting Examples


FQ2 Features 26

External Shape Inspections

Low-angle Lighting

FQ2 Features 27

Defect and Foreign Matter Inspections

Communication Interfaces

The Sensor includes communication interfaces for compatibility with a wide range of host devices. This helps reduce the design work required for data communications between the Sensor and a PLC.

Note: The type of communications interface depends on the model of the Sensor.
           Refer to Catalog for details.

PLC Link

PLC link greatly reduces the amount of time and work that is required to create ladder programs.

FQ2 Features 29


OMRON's exclusive FINS/TCP communications interface can be used to connect to low-cost OMRON PLCs. With this communications interface, no communications controls are required to process the sending and receiving of complex TCP packets. You get faster, simpler connections to OMRON PLCs.

FQ2 Features 30


EtherNet/IP™ communications, a standard widely used in communications systems in factories around the world, is also supported. This communication interface enables simple and easy connections to a wide range of EtherNet/IP™ devices, including OMRON PLCs.
* EtherNet/IP™ is the trademark of ODVA.

FQ2 Features 31

I/O Expansion Units

Our expansion units enable expansion to up to three times the number of I/O connections. This enables the output of individual judgement results for each inspection, a feature that has been highly requested.

FQ2 Features 32

RS-232C Communications Unit

This Sensor Data Unit supports standard RS-232C communications.

FQ2 Features 33

Operation Interfaces

You can choose the operation interface and monitor size to suit your application.

FQ2 Features 34

*.Custom controls to easily display images and results measured by the FQ2 Series on applications created with
   Microsoft Visual Studio.
   The Microsoft® .NET software is used to connect users, information, systems, and devices.
・Microsoft .NET is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United Status and/or other
・EtherNet/IP™ is the trademark of ODVA.