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NX-series EtherCAT Coupler Unit


Flexible System Can Be Achieved with Highspeed, High-precision Remote I/O for EtherCAT

Up to 63 NX-IO Units can be connected to one EtherCAT Coupler Unit. Standard and high-performance units can be mixed.*1

High-speed remote I/O control is possible at the fastest communication cycle of 125 us.*2

Each Coupler plus its I/O form just a single EtherCAT node on the network.

I/O control and safety control can be integrated by connecting Units for safety.

The Coupler supports the EtherCAT Distributed Clock (DC) and propagates this to synchronous I/O units.

The node address can be fixed by rotary switches, or set by software. Choose the method that best suits your way of engineering.

Slave configuration by Sysmac Studio can be done centrally via the controller, or on-the-spot using the Coupler's built-in USB port.

*1 Input per Coupler Unit: Maximum 1024 bytes, Output per Coupler Unit: Maximum 1024 bytes
*2 NX7-[][][][] and NX-ECC203 combined

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