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NX-series System Unit


Power Supply Unit, Power Connection Unit, and FG Terminal Expansion Unit for NX-Series

Units to feed in additional Unit power and I/O power to an NX-series remote I/O terminal.

Screwless clamp terminal block significantly reduces wiring work.

Space-saving 12 mm wide units.

The NX Unit Power Supply Unit allows expansion of the I/O configuration beyond the maximum power supply capacity of the EtherCAT Coupler

The I/O Power Supply Unit is used when the total allowed I/O current per feed terminal is exceeded, or to split I/O power into groups.

The I/O Power Connection Unit can be used as an additional power supply terminal for connected sensors and actuators.

The FG Terminal Expansion Unit can be used as ground terminal for wire shields.

The screwless terminal block is detachable for easy commissioning and maintenance.

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