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Safety CPU Unit


The Safety CPU Unit controls up to 32 Safety I/O Units.

Safety CPU Unit

Unit type Appearance Specification Unit
Maximum number
of safety I/O
Number of
safety I/O
Safety CPU
3243_lu_1_1 256 points 512 KB 32 Free-Run
Ver. 1.1 NX-SL3300
3243_lu_1_2 1024 points 2048 KB 128 Free-Run
Ver. 1.1 NX-SL3500

Note: Refer to the NX-CSG/SL5/SI/SO Datasheet for details of the NX-SL5[][][] Safety CPU Unit.

Configuration Devices

NX-series Communications Coupler Units

Appearance Supported
NX Unit power
Maximum I/O
power supply current
Coupler Unit
csm001013831_lu_7_1 Communications cycle
in DC Mode *2
250 to 4,000 μs
1.45 W or lower 4 A NX-EEC201
Communications cycle
in DC Mode *2
125 to 10,000 μs
1.25 W or lower 10 A NX-EEC202
Coupler Unit
csm001013831_lu_7_2 EtherNet/IP 1.60 W or lower 10 A NX-EIC202

Note: For details, refer to your local OMRON website.
*1 One End Cover NX-END01 is provided with the NX-series Communications Coupler Units.
*2 This depends on the specifications of the EtherCAT master. For example, the values are as follows when the EtherCAT
    Coupler Unit is connected to the built-in EtherCAT port on an NJ5-series CPU Unit: 500 μs, 1,000 μs, 2,000 μs, and
    4,000 μs. Refer to the NJ/NX-series CPU Unit Built-in EtherCAT Port User's Manual (Cat. No. W505) for the specifications
    of the built-in EtherCAT ports on NJ/NX-series CPU Units.
    This also depends on the unit configuration.

Automation Software Sysmac Studio

Please purchase a DVD and required number of licenses the first time you purchase the Sysmac Studio. DVDs and licenses are available individually. Each model of licenses does not include any DVD.

Product name Specifications Model
Number of
Sysmac Studio
NX-I/O Edition
Ver.1.[][] *1
Sysmac Studio NX-I/O Edition is a limited license that
provides selected functions required for EtherNet/IP
Coupler settings.
* Because this product is a license only, you need the
Sysmac Studio Standard Edition DVD media to install it.
1 license --- SYSMAC-NE001L
Sysmac Studio
Safety Edition
Ver.1.[][] *2
Sysmac Studio Safety Edition is a license including
necessary setting functions for the safety control
* Because this product is a license only, you need the
Sysmac Studio Standard Edition DVD media to install it.
1 license --- SYSMAC-FE001L
Sysmac Studio
Standard Edition
Ver.1.[][] *3*4
The Sysmac Studio is the software that provides an
integrated environment for setting, programming,
debugging and maintenance of machine automation
controllers including the NJ/NX-series CPU Units,
NY-series Industrial PC,EtherCAT Slave, and the HMI.
1 license *5 --- SYSMAC-SE201L
Sysmac Studio runs on the following OS.
Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit version)/8(32-bit/64-bit
version)/8.1 (32-bit/64-bit version)/10 (32-bit/64-
bit version)
* Refer to your OMRON website for details such as
supported models and functions.
(Media only) DVD SYSMAC-SE200D

*1 With the NX-I/O Edition, you can use only the setup functions for EtherNet/IP Coupler.
*2 Safety Edition can be used with Communication Control Unit and EtherNet/IP Coupler Unit.
*3 The Sysmac Studio Standard Edition with license(s) (SYSMAC-SE[][][]L) provides functions of the NX-I/O Edition
*4 With the Sysmac Studio Standard Edition with license(s) (SYSMAC-SE[][][]L) version 1.10 or higher, you can use the
     setup functions for the EtherNet/IP Coupler.
*5 Multi licenses are available for the Sysmac Studio (3, 10, 30, or 50 licenses).