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PCB Inspection System


Omron's 3D-SJI (Solder Joint Inspection) For Efficient Manufacturing of High-quality Products

VT-S730 Features 1

Improvement Cycle for High-quality Product Manufacturing

The efficient improvement cycle ensuring the output of high-quality products promotes the "minimization of quality costs".
This can further intensify the environment for quality improvement initiatives.

VT-S730 Features 3
VT-S730 Features 4

Process Control

Quality Management System Q-up Navi

Quality control during the PCB production process and efforts in process improvement with the post-reflow quality as the starting point are possible.

VT-S730 Features 6

* v-DB compatibility with the X700 is currently under development.

VT-S730 Features 7

Technologies Supporting 3D-SJI [Patent Pending]

[Omron's Unique Technology]Color Highlight ™ 3D Shape Reconstruction

Uses an optimal principle enabling a stable inspection of the reflection surface such as a solder joint.

VT-S730 Features 8

Auto Generation of Inspection Programs

The vertical startup of inspection programs is possible thanks to the combination of the Color Highlight TM 3D shape reconstruction and phase-shift principle.

VT-S730 Features 10

* Requires post-reflow PCB and mount data.

Quantitative Inspection

Solder and component shapes can be measured

VT-S730 Features 12

Stable Inspection

Reduces the secondary reflection* and shadow interference

* Light reflection on adjacent components or solders

VT-S730 Features 14

Oblique viewing camera incorporated

Enables detecting solders under the components, which is physically undetectable from direct view

VT-S730 Features 15

Land position recognition and correction are performed for each individual image screen, enabling the detection of warped or expanded/contracted PCBs

VT-S730 Features 16