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PCB Inspection System


Featuring High Productivity and High Resolution. Introducing a New Model in the VT-S 3D-SJI Series!

High-precision Soldering Inspection [In common with VT-S730]

The VT-S7 series features 3D-SJI based on high-accuracy solder shape restoration.
Accurate quantitative inspection of solder bondability is now possible, greatly contributing to quality control requirements conforming to international standards such as IATF (ISO/TS)16949.

VT-S530 Features 1

High-resolution inspection

With engineering specifications and high resolution compatible with the SEMI industry, the VT-S530 provides stable inspection of 0402/0603 microchip components!

VT-S530 Features 2

High-productivity Inspection

The VT-S530 supports dual lane operation for higher production throughput.
Dual lane operation using various PCBs is possible, due to its handling capability up to the PCB size of 510 (W) x 330 (D) mm.

VT-S530 Features 3