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E3AS Series

Distance-settable Photoelectric Sensor

E3AS Series

Achieving “innovations in distance” for reflective-type photoelectric sensors Optimal sensing distance (50 to 1,500 mm) for use on conveyor lines

Use reflective photoelectric sensors in entirely new ways.

Conventional reflective photoelectric sensors have issues that may limit their range of application, such as their short sensing distances, possible false detection due to the effect of workpiece colors, and their large sizes.
The E3AS-F Series adopts the TOF method, which effectively resolves these issues for increased versatility. E3AS-F Sensors can be used, for example, in high-mix conveyor lines carrying products of various colors and shapes, and assembly lines with restricted space for sensor installation.

E3AS Series Features 1

TOF method to stably detect various workpieces

E3AS Series Features 2

Design diverging and converging conveyor lines with a single model

E3AS-F Sensors can detect workpieces by the set distance with minimal influence from their colors or materials, reducing the time required for evaluation and adjustment of each workpiece. Compared to through-beam and retro-reflective models, they require half the work to install, significantly saving setup time.

E3AS Series Features 3

Free from installation restrictions on assembly lines

Previously, installing sensors in the assembly area ran the risk of their colliding with tools and workpieces, causing sensor failures or optical axis misalignment, both of which would lead to false detections. E3AS-F Sensors, with their long sensing distances, can detect objects from outside the assembly area, effectively reducing the frequency of line stoppages caused by unnecessary problems.
Their compact size allows them to be installed in various locations.

E3AS Series Features 4

Reduce selection/commissioning time

E3AS Series Features 6
E3AS Series Features 7

Reduce sensor cleaning time and replacement frequency

E3AS Series Features 9
E3AS Series Features 10

Reduce commissioning and change overtime

E3AS Series Features 12