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Related equipment

This Mounting Bracket allows Power Supplies to be easily mounted to DIN Rail. Supports the S82J (100, 150-W models) Power Supplies.

Related equipment List

There are 5 products of Related equipment.

S8V-CP DC Electronic Circuit Protector (24 VDC 4 Outputs/8 Outputs Type) S8V-CP

Simplified safety design of DC circuits Reliable DC circuit protection in the event of short circuits or overcurrent Saves space even with multi-channels Sequential start-up of outputs to avoid start-up trouble

S8V-NF Noise Filter (Single-phase 250 V 3 A / 6 A Type) S8V-NF

DIN Rail Mounting Type Ideal for Control Panels Featuring a Slim Design that Saves Space Push-In Connections for Safe and Easy Wiring

S8VK-R Redundancy Unit S8VK-R

Contribute to build high reliable systems Compact and Cost-effective solution for Back-up applications Easy setup for system reliability requirement

S8T-DCBU-02 Buffer Block S8T-DCBU-02

Prevents Equipment Stoppage, Data Loss,and Other Problems Resulting from Momentary Power Failures

S8M Digital Multicircuit Protector S8M

Complete Flexible DC Circuit Protector That Has a Wide Array of Displays, Alarm Outputs, and Other Digital Functions.