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Power Supplies / In Addition

OMRON provides Power Supplies, Protective Components, Wiring Systems, Sockets, DIN Rails, and other components required on manufacturing sites.

OMRON provides many types of general-purpose Power Supplies, such as the type mounted to DIN rail or the type built into equipment. OMRON also provides the S8VS which provides notification of replacement timing, and the Buffer Block that handles momentary power interruptions, and other highly reliable Power Supplies.

By constantly monitoring the state of the motor, inform the maintenance period.

Backup power supply equipment for protecting a device or system from problems with power supply caused by power failure or lightning. By introducing a UPS, you can solve problems with power supply that are likely to occur in manufacturing sites such as "voltage drop" and "power failure."

OMRON's complete lineup includes water-resistant AC Axial Fans with superior resistibility to water and dirt, and General-purpose AC Axial Fans.

OMRON's UV-Light Curing Systems using 365-nm, high-power UV LEDs as the light source. They achieve high-precision UV curing with little thermal damage.

OMRON provides Ionizers with superior ion balance and Static Sensors that accurately measure static charges. These contribute to static electricity countermeasures through Sensing & Control technology.

Protection equipment from low to high volage. Electric circuit and productive facilities can be protected from unusual state of over-current, earth fault, voltage-drop and phase interruption by monitoring main circuit status of power supply.

Laser markers for a wide range of needs from marking fine characters and 2D codes on electronic components, resin projects, and metal products to processing.

Sensor I/O Connectors and Sensor Controllers that connect with connector type Sensors are available.

This Inspection System is suitable for various SMT production needs.

The peripheral components can be used for various OMRON Control Components.