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CJ series Position Control Units


High-speed, High-precision positioning with 1, 2, or 4 axes

• Two types to choose from: open collector output and line driver. Because both open collector output and line driver types feature 1-, 2-, and 4-axis models, the most appropriate model can be selected for the application at hand.

• Positioning START occurs within 2 ms (maximum speed) after receiving a command from the Programmable Controller.

• High-speed data transfer is possible using INTELLIGENT I/O WRITE (IOWR) and INTELLIGENT I/O READ (IORD) instructions.

• Fine control from low to high speed (500 kpps max.) is possible in 1-pps units.

• Positioning can be done from memory, by writing an operating pattern into the PCU memory in advance. Three position patterns − Terminating, Automatic, and Continuous − can be set with completion codes to respond to a wide range of operations. Positioning of up to 100 patterns (sequential data) per one axis can be possible.

• Positioning (direct operation) can be done by direct PLC ladder commands for position data, speed data, and acceleration data. This simplifies control in situations when the target position and speed cannot be decided until immediately before operation begins, or when the target position and speed change due to other circumstances. The target position and speed can also be changed during operation.

• Interrupt feeding moves the axis a specified amount, then stops it, in accordance with an interrupt input. High-speed (0.1 ms max.) processing of the interrupt input signal ensures high-precision interrupt positioning. This helps to maximize feeder precision.

• Easy-to-Use positioning can be possible with versatile functions such as Teaching, Override, Backlash compensation, Zones, Forced interrupt and Acceleration/Deceleration curve.