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CJ-series Controller Link Units


New Controller Link Units, Now with 4,000 Send Words

Communications Specifications

Items Specifications
Model CJ1W-CLK23
CJ1W-CLK21-V1 *1
3G8F7-CLK21-EV1 *1
Type Wired (shielded twisted-pair cable)
Communications method N:N token-bus method
Code Manchester code
Modulation Baseband code
Synchronization Flag synchronization (conforms to HDLC frames)
Transmission path format Multidrop method (bus type)
Transmission speed The following are the maximum transmission distances depending on the transmission speed.
2 Mbits/s: 500 m
1 Mbits/s: 800 m
500 kbits/s: 1 km
Maximum transmission
Maximum distance between
Not specified. (Maximum transmission distance must be satisfied for the entire system.)
Medium Specified shielded twist-pair cable
Two signal wires, one shield
Node connection method PLC: Connection to terminal block
Computer: Connection using special (supplied) connector
Maximum number of nodes 32 or 62 nodes *2 *3
Applicable Programming
CX-Integrator in CX-One, CX-Net in CX-Programmer *3, and Programming Console
Communications functions Data links and message service
Number of data link words Send words per node: 4,000 words max. (CJ1W-CLK[]3), 1,000 words max. (All other Units)
Number of send/receive words per node:
12,000 words max. (Pre-Ver. 1.2)
20,000 words max. (unit Ver. 1.2 or later)
Total number of send words per network: 62,000 words max.
Data link areas PLC: Bit areas (CIO Area, Work Area, Link Area *4), Data Memory (DM), Extended DM Area (EM) Computer:
FinsGateway event memory
Message length 2,012 bytes max. (including the header)
RAS functions Polling node backup function
Self-diagnosis function (hardware checking at startup)
Echoback test and broadcast test (using the FINS command)
Watchdog timer
Error log function
Error control Manchester code check
CRC check (CCITT X16 +X12 +X5 +1)

*1. Discontinuation models in July 2012.
*2. With wired models, the maximum number of nodes is 32 if Repeater Units are not used. A Repeater Unit is required
       when building a network with more than 32 nodes. If a Repeater Unit is used, be sure to use only the following
       Controller Link Units or Boards and set the Wired Network 62 Node Enable Bit in the DM Parameter Area software
       switches at all nodes.
*3. CX-Net in CX-Programmer version 3.1 or earlier can be used only in a system with a maximum of 32 nodes (node
       address 1 to 32). If a system is to be used with a maximum of 62 nodes (node addresses 1 to 62), use CX-Net in
       CX-Programmer version 3.2 or higher or the CX-Integrator.
*4. CJ-series PLCs do not have a Link Area, but LR000 to LR199 are automatically converted CIO 1000 to CIO 1199.

Individual Specifications

Controller Link Units

Item Specifications
Model CJ1W-CLK23
CJ1W-CLK21-V1 *
Applicable PLC All CJ-series CPU Units
Number of mountable Units 8 max.
Installation site Install onto a CPU Backplane or Expansion Backplane (classified as a CPU Bus Unit).
Storage location of network parameters and
manually set data link tables
System Bus Unit Area (in the CPU Unit parameter area).
Storage location of routing tables CPU Unit parameter area
Weight 110 g
Current consumption: 5 V in PLC 0.35 A

* Discontinuation models in July 2012.

Controller Link Support Boards (for PCI Bus)

Item Specifications
Model 3G8F7-CLK23-E 3G8F7-CLK13-E 3G8F7-CLK53-E
Computer-compatible models IBM PC/AT or compatible
CPU: Intel Celeron 400 MHz or better
Main memory: 128 MB minimum
One or more PCI bus slots (PCI bus revision 2.0 or later, power supply: 5 V)
Free hard disk space: 70 MB min.
CD-ROM drive: One required for installation
Display: VGA (640 x 480 (pixels) min.)
(Other conditions conform to the OS.)
Compatible OS FinsGateway Version2003 *1
Windows 10 (32bit)
Windows 8 (32bit)
Windows 7 (32bit) Professional
Windows 7 (32bit) Home Premium
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Home Premium
FinsGateway Version3 *2
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Home Edition
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows NT4.0 (Service Pack 3 or higher)
Windows ME
Windows 98SE
Weight 104 g 120 g (excluding mounting bracket) 124 g (excluding mounting bracket)
5 V in PLC 0.35 A 0.54 A 0.60 A
External 24 V --- 0.35 A 0.35 A

*1. Install the software from CD Ver. 3.12 or higher if the operating system is Windows 10 or 8 (32bit).
*2. Install FinsGateway version 3 if the operating system is Windows NT 4.0 (Service pack 3 or higher), Windows ME, or
       Windows 98SE. In that case, however, the new functions of Controller Link Support Boards for the PCI Bus cannot be
       used (i.e., automatic data link creation with 1:N allocation, changing data link tables with active data links, 62-node
       setting for wired models, and maximum of 4000 send words).

Repeater Units

Item Specifications
Model CS1W-RPT01 CS1W-RPT02 CS1W-RPT03
Supported Units/Boards All wired Controller Link Units and Boards
Note: If a maximum of 62 nodes is used, models that support 62 nodes must be used.
Transmission line Wire-to-wire Wire-to-optical (H-PCF) Wire-to-optical (GI)
Transmission line format Multi-drop
1:1 type 1:1 type
Installation Repeater Units are not mounted to the PLC. They are mounted separately with screws or on a DIN Track.
Weight 130 g 130 g (excluding mounting bracket) 130 g (excluding mounting bracket)
Allowable power supply
voltage range
20.4 to 26.4 V DC (24 V DC -15 to 10%)
Current consumption 24 V DC at 0.06 A 24 V DC at 0.07 A
Inrush current 2.5 A max. at 24 V DC (5 ms after startup)

Repeater Units are used to expand the Controller Link network for wired models. For Wired-to-optical Repeater Units, always use a set of two (1:1).
Optical Ring Controller Link Units and Boards cannot be connected to the optical cable section between Repeater Units.