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DRT2-[]D08(-1) / []D16(-1)

Transistor Remote I/O Terminals

DRT2-[]D08(-1) / []D16(-1)

Allows I/O Expansion with Transistor Terminals

Specifications I/O connections Rated internal circuit
power supply voltage
Rated I/O power
supply voltage
Inputs NPN (+ common) 16 points M3
Screw terminals
Supplied from the
24 VDC DRT2-ID16
PNP (- common) DRT2-ID16-1
Outputs NPN (- common) DRT2-OD16
PNP (+ common) DRT2-OD16-1
I/O NPN (input: + common,
output: - common)
Input: 8 points/
Output: 8 points
PNP (input: - common,
output: + common)
Inputs NPN (+ common) 8 points DRT2-ID08
PNP (- common) DRT2-ID08-1
Outputs NPN (- common) 8 points DRT2-OD08
PNP (+ common) DRT2-OD08-1

Expansion Units

One Expansion Unit can be added to each DRT2-ID16(-1)/-OD16(-1) or DRT2-ROS16 I/O Slave.
The following Expansion Units are available to enable flexible expansion with combinations for the required number of points.

Model Number of I/O points
XWT-ID08 8-point inputs (NPN)
XWT-ID08-1 8-point inputs (PNP)
XWT-OD08 8-point outputs (NPN)
XWT-OD08-1 8-point outputs (PNP)
XWT-ID16 16-point inputs (NPN)
XWT-ID16-1 16-point inputs (PNP)
XWT-OD16 16-point outputs (NPN)
XWT-OD16-1 16-point outputs (PNP)