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Safety-door Hinge Switch


Compact, Plastic-body Safety-door Hinge Switch Designed for Saving Space in Machines and Other Equipment

(Unit: mm)

Shaft Type with 1 Conduit
D4NH-1[]AS D4NH-2[]AS

D4NH Dimensions 1

Shaft Type with 2 Conduits
D4NH-6[]AS D4NH-8[]AS

D4NH Dimensions 2

Arm Lever Type with 1 Conduit
D4NH-1[]BC D4NH-2[]BC

D4NH Dimensions 3

Arm Lever Type with 2 Conduits
D4NH-6[]BC D4NH-8[]BC

D4NH Dimensions 4

Note: 1. Unless otherwise specified, a tolerance of ±0.4 mm applies to all dimensions.
          2. Variation occurs in the simultaneity of contact opening/closing operations of 2NC, 2NC/1NO, and 3NC contacts.
             Check contact operation.