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Timer Interval Indicator


Digital Time Interval Meter for Measuring Passing Speed, Time, or Cycle between Two Points.

Model Number Legend

Base Units and Optional Boards can be ordered individually or as sets.

Base Units

K3HB-P Lineup 2

Base Units with Optional Boards

K3HB-P Lineup 3

Optional Board

Sensor Power Supply/Output Boards

K3HB-P Lineup 5

Relay/Transistor Output Boards

K3HB-P Lineup 6

Event Input Boards

K3HB-P Lineup 7

1. Input Sensor Code

NB: NPN input/voltage pulse input
PB: PNP input

2. Sensor Power Supply/Output Type Code

None: None
CPA: Relay output (PASS: SPDT) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC±10%, 80 mA) (See note 1.)
L1A: Linear current output (0 to 20 or 4 to 20 mA DC) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC±10%, 80 mA) (See note 2.)
L2A: Linear voltage output (0 to 5, 1 to 5, or 0 to 10 VDC) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC±10%, 80 mA) (See note 2.)
A: Sensor power supply (12 VDC ±10%, 80 mA)
FLK1A: Communications (RS-232C) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC±10%, 80 mA) (See note 2.)
FLK3A: Communications (RS-485) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC±10%, 80 mA) (See note 2.)

Note: 1. CPA can be combined with relay outputs only.
           2. Only one of the following can be used by each Digital Indicator: RS-232C/RS-485 communications, a linear
                output, or DeviceNet communications.

3. Relay/Transistor Output Type Code

None: None
C1: Relay contact (H/L: SPDT each)
C2: Relay contact (HH/H/LL/L: SPST-NO each)
T1: Transistor (NPN open collector: HH/H/PASS/L/LL)
T2: Transistor (PNP open collector: HH/H/PASS/L/LL)
BCD ∗: BCD output + transistor output (NPN open collector: H/H/PASS/L/LL)
DRT: DeviceNet (See note 2.)
∗ A Special BCD Output Cable (sold separately) is required.

4. Event Input Type Code

None: None
1: 5 inputs (HOLD/RESET), NPN open collector
2 ∗: 8 inputs (HOLD/RESET/BANK1/BANK2/BANK4), NPN open collector
3: 5 inputs (HOLD/RESET), PNP open collector
4 ∗: 8 inputs (HOLD/RESET/BANK1/BANK2/BANK4), PNP open collector
∗ There is no bank selection for "None" and "DeviceNet" types of "Transistor Output Type Code".

5. Supply Voltage

100-240 VAC: 100 to 240 VAC

Note: The following combinations are not possible.
          • Communications (FLK[]A) + DeviceNet (DRT)
          • Communications (FLK[]A) + BCD output (BCD)
          • Linear current/voltage (L[]A) + DeviceNet (DRT)

Accessories (Sold Separately)

K32-DICN: Special Cable (for event inputs with 8-pin connector)
K32-BCD: Special BCD Output Cable

Watertight Cover


Rubber Packing


Note: Rubber packing is provided with the Controller.