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Up/Down Counting Pulse Indicator


Measure High-speed Up/down Pulses with this Up/down Pulse Meter.

• Visual conf0rmation of judgement results through display colors that switch between red and green. *1

• Perfect for Measuring Rotary Encoder and ON/OFF Pulse Signals at High Speed
Cumulative pulse input is 50 kHz, quadrature pulse inputs are 25 kHz, and up/down pulse inputs are 30 kHz.

Note: No-voltage contacts of up to 30 Hz are supported.

• The count value can be converted to any value.
The length equivalent for any pulse can be set to any desired value. This is effective for feed amount and position monitor displays.

• DeviceNet models added to the series. *2

*1 Visual confirmation of judgement results is not supported on models that do not have an output or models that do not
      support DeviceNet.
      You can change the display color by setting it, but you cannot switch it based on the judgement results.
*2 DeviceNet models have a depth of 97 mm.