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Up/Down Counting Pulse Indicator


Measure High-speed Up/down Pulses with this Up/down Pulse Meter.

Model Number Legend

Base Units and Optional Boards can be ordered individually or as sets.

Base Units

K3HB-C Lineup 2 K3HB-C_Lineup1

Base Units with Optional Boards

K3HB-C Lineup 3

Optional Board

Sensor Power Supply/Output Boards

K3HB-C Lineup 5 K3HB-C_Lineup3

Relay/Transistor Output Boards

K3HB-C Lineup 6 K3HB-C_Lineup4

Event Input Boards

K3HB-C Lineup 7 K3HB-C_Lineup5

1. Input Sensor Code

NB: NPN input/voltage pulse input

2. Sensor Power Supply/Output Type Code

None: None
CPA: Relay output (PASS: SPDT) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC±10%, 80 mA) (See note 1.)
L1A: Linear current output (0 to 20 or 4 to 20 mA DC) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC±10%, 80 mA) (See note 2.)
L2A: Linear voltage output (0 to 5, 1 to 5, or 0 to 10 VDC) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC±10%, 80 mA) (See note 2.)
A: Sensor power supply (12 VDC ±10%, 80 mA)
FLK1A: Communications (RS-232C) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC±10%, 80 mA) (See note 2.)
FLK3A: Communications (RS-485) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC±10%, 80 mA) (See note 2.)

Note: 1. CPA can be combined with relay outputs only.
           2. Only one of the following can be used by each Digital Indicator: RS-232C/RS-485 communications, a linear
                output, or DeviceNet communications.

3. Relay/Transistor Output Type Code

None: None
C2: Relay contact (HH/H/LL/L: SPST-NO each)
T1: Transistor (NPN open collector: HH/H/PASS/L/LL)
T2: Transistor (PNP open collector: HH/H/PASS/L/LL)
BCD ∗:BCD output + transistor output (NPN open collector: HH/H/PASS/L/LL)
DRT: DeviceNet (See note 2.)
∗ A Special BCD Output Cable (sold separately) is required.

4. Event Input Type Code

None: None
1: 5 inputs (M3 terminal block), NPN open collector
2 ∗: 8 inputs (10-pin MIL connector), NPN open collector
3: 5 inputs (M3 terminal block), PNP open collector
4 ∗: 8 inputs (10-pin MIL connector), PNP open collector
∗ There is no bank selection for "None" and "DeviceNet" types of "Transistor Output Type Code".

5. Supply Voltage

100-240 VAC: 100 to 240 VAC

Note: The following combinations are not possible.
          • Communications (FLK[]A) + DeviceNet (DRT)
          • Communications (FLK[]A) + BCD output (BCD)
          • Linear current/voltage (L[]A) + DeviceNet (DRT)

Accessories (Sold Separately)

K32-DICN: Special Cable (for event inputs with 8-pin connector)
K32-BCD: Special BCD Output Cable

Watertight Cover


Rubber Packing


Note: Rubber packing is provided with the Controller.