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E52-THE5A / 6D / 6F

Temperature Sensor (Thermistors)

E52-THE5A / 6D / 6F

Element interchangeable thermistor (Exposed-lead Models, Exposed-lead Models with Screws ,Exposed-lead Models with Flange)

Temperature Ranges

Temperature range Color
Lead wire
-50°C to 50°C Blue 6 kΩ (0°C) 3390K A pair of 0.12 dia. 7 Fluororesin-insulated stranded wires
with 0.86 outer dia. each
0°C to 100°C Black 6 kΩ (0°C) 3390K
50°C to 150°C Red 30 kΩ (0°C) 3450K
100°C to 200°C Yellow 0.55 kΩ (200°C) 4300K
150°C to 300°C Green 4 kΩ (200°C) 5133K Flat glass-wool-shielded lead cable with 0.12 dia. 10
conductors and external dimensions of 2.5 × 1.55


Item E52-THE[][]
Coupling method Element interchangeable thermistor
Class JIS class 1
Protective tubing material SUS304
Time constant 8 to 15 s in still water
Dissipation factor 2.4 to 2.8 mW/°C in still air
Lead wire heat resistive temperature 180°C


Detectable temperature Error
-50°C to 100°C ±1°C max.
100°C to 350°C ±1% max. of detectable temperature

Permissible Temperature

Detectable temperature Operating temperature
-50°C to 50°C 100°C
0°C to 100°C 150°C
50°C to 150°C 200°C
100°C to 200°C 250°C
150°C to 300°C 350°C

Note: Models with non-standard lead wire length and protective tubing length are available on request.

This Thermistor is a dedicated Thermistor for the E5C2 and E5CS.