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K7L-U[] / UD[][]

Liquid Leakage Sensor Amplifiers for Long-distance Wiring

K7L-U[] / UD[][]

Ultra-miniature Liquid Leakage Sensor Amplifier Enables Longest Liquid Leakage Monitoring Distance in Industry. K7L-UB and K7L-UDB are our Value Design products which increase the value of your control panels.

A total distance of 400 m is achieved for cable and Sensing Band to minimize leakage damage.

Greatly expands the detection area.

A total distance of 400 m for the cable and Sensing Band extends the wiring distance by approximately 7 times compared with our previous models.

K7L-U[] / UD[][] Features 2

Detects broken wires.

Detects broken wires all the way from the main unit to the tip of the Sensing Band. This enhances reliability in long-distance wiring applications.

K7L-U[] / UD[][] Features 3

Helps to downsize gang-mounted panels.

The extremely compact size, with a width of only 16 mm, helps to save panel size when mounting several Units together.

K7L-U[] / UD[][] Features 4

Features a Noise Canceller

A noise canceling circuit employing a three-conductor cable enables stable liquid leakage detection with excellent noise resistance.

K7L-U[] / UD[][] Features 5