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Air Clean Units


The ZN series is even thinner and sports improved air volume. These products enable cleaning that is both fast and flexible.

Unique Twin-fan Construction

ZN-A Features 1

A unique ZNA2502 Twin-Fan construction enables both a slimmer body and a greater air volume. Downsizing is possible with a greater level of capacity than previous models.

ZN-A Features 2

HEPA Filter with High Filtration

The HEPA filter used with the ZN Series has the capacity to filter 99.99% of 0.3μm particles.

ZN-A Features 3

Laminar Airflow Design

The smaller fan section and the unique ventilation construction design provides a more uniform laminar airflow. Uniform air is provided over a wide area.

ZN-A Features 4

Airflow Switching Function

The air volume can be set to 5 different levels,from 0.3 to 1.8 m3/min for the ZN-A2502 and 1.0 to 5.0 m3/min for the ZN-A4105. The air volume can be checked with the large indicators in the middle.

ZN-A Features 5

Self-diagnosis Function

The LED indicators indicate operation errors (e.g.,stopped fans) and when HEPA filter replacement is required. Located on two corners of the Unit, the LED indicators are visible from many angles.

ZN-A Features 6

External I/O

An I/O interface is built in. An AC adapter or 24-VDC input can be selected for the power supply.
An alarm signal is output if the self-diagnosis function indicates HEPA filter replacement or error operation.

ZN-A Features 7

Ultra-Easy Maintenance

HEPA filters can be replaced without tools thanks to the use of buckles. Onsite maintenance time is reduced because filters can be replaced in a one-step operation.

ZN-A Features 8