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Ionizer (Basic Fan Type)


High-speed, High cost performance Ionization

A Unique Structure Provides a Uniform Airflow

The newly developed airflow control system (AFCS) structure optimally controls the airflow of the fan to efficiently carry the discharged ions to the target workpiece. This gives the ZJ-FA20 the highest ionization performance in its class.
Even with the airflow at a low setting, ionization is completed in approximately 2 seconds. Small, light workpieces are not blown away by the airflow, and static electricity is effectively neutralized.

Airflow Control System (AFCS)

ZJ-FA20 Features 2

Engineering Data

ZJ-FA20 Features 3

Long-term Ionization Performance

A built-in ion balance sensor constantly senses the ion condition, and a variable DC system maintains the optimal ion balance at all times. This provides a long-term, stable balance for reliable ionization.

ZJ-FA20 Features 4

Clean and Easy Maintenance

The ZJ-FA20 features a fully opening front cover. Removing it allows neat and thorough cleaning, without spreading dust and other particles around. The discharger electrodes can also be replaced for long-term operation. LED lamps show the ion-generating condition and indicate when cleaning is required.

ZJ-FA20 Features 5

A Variety of Installation Possibilities

In addition to table-top or bench-top installation, the ZJ-FA20 can be easily mounted to an aluminum pipe. The angle can also be freely adjusted using the angle-adjustment knob and oblong stand.

ZJ-FA20 Features 6