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Digital Daily Time Switch


Daily Time Control with Simple Operations

Wiring Mounting method Model
Screw terminals Flush mounting H5F-B
Surface mounting H5F-FB
Surface mounting/track mounting H5F-KB

Accessories (Order Separately)

Name Models
Soft cover Y92A-48F1
Hard cover For H5F-B Y92A-48
For H5F-FB/-KB Y92A-48E *1
Flush Mounting Adapter *2 Y92F-30
Mounting Track 50 cm (l) × 7.3 mm (t) PFP-50N
1 m (l) × 7.3 mm (t) PFP-100N
1 m (l) × 16 mm (t) PFP-100N2
End Plate PFP-M
Spacer PFP-S

*1. Supplied with H5F-KB model.
*2. Supplied with H5F-B (flush-mounting) model.