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Safety Controller


Easy programming for complex safety control

G9SP Series

Name Number of I/O Unit
Safety inputs Test outputs Safety outputs Standard outputs
10 4 Solid-state outputs: 4 4 Ver.2.0 G9SP-N10S
10 6 Solid-state outputs: 16 - G9SP-N10D
20 6 Solid-state outputs: 8 - G9SP-N20S

Expansion I/O Unit (for standard machine control)

Name Type Number of I/O Model
Inputs Outputs
Expansion I/O Unit Sinking type 12 Solid-state outputs: 8 CP1W-20EDT
Sourcing type CP1W-20EDT1
Sinking type - Solid-state outputs: 32 CP1W-32ET
Sourcing type CP1W-32ET1

Note: CP1W-CN811 I/O Connecting Cable is available.
          Refer to the Datasheet of CP1H Programmable Controller (Cat. No. P080-E1) for details.

I/O Connecting Cable

Name Specifications Model
I/O Connecting Cable 80 cm (for the distantly-positioned units connection) CP1W-CN811

Note: An I/O Connecting Cable (approx. 6 cm) for alongside setting is included in the Expansion I/O Unit package.

Option Unit

Name Model
RS-232C Option Board CP1W-CIF01
Ethernet Option Board (Unit Ver. 2.0 or later) CP1W-CIF41
Memory Cassette CP1W-ME05M

Note: Refer to the Datasheet of CP1H Programmable Controller (Cat. No. P080-E1) for details.


Name Media Applicable OS Model
Setup Disk (CD-ROM: 1 license) Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32-bit edition)
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (32-bit edition,
64-bit edition)
Windows 7 (32-bit edition, 64-bit edition)
Windows 8 (32-bit edition, 64-bit edition)
Windows 8.1 (32-bit edition, 64-bit edition)
Windows 10 (32-bit edition, 64-bit edition)
Setup Disk (CD-ROM: 10 licenses) WS02-G9SP10-V2
Setup Disk (CD-ROM: 50 licenses) WS02-G9SP50-V2
Setup Disk (CD-ROM: Site license) WS02-G9SPXX-V2

Note: Administrator rights are required for installation.

Version Information

The combinations that can be used of the unit versions of the G9SP series and the version of Configurator.

G9SP series G9SP Configurator
Unit version Ver.1.[] Ver.1.[][] Ver.2.[][]
Unit version Ver.2.0 --- Ver.2.[][]

Function Support by Unit Version of G9SP

Serial communication speed

Item Unit Version
Ver.1.[] Ver.2.0
Communications protocol No-protocol
Communication speed 9,600 bps 9,600 bps
115,200 bps *
Transmission distance max.15 m max.15 m
(With a baud rate of 115,200 bps: max.3 m)
Data length 8 bits
Parity Even
Stop bits 1 bit

* The baud rate can be set to 115,200 bps with turning on the DIP swith pin 3.

Connectivity with OMRON safety input devices

Item Unit Version
Ver.1.[] Ver.2.0
Single-beam Safety Sensor
max.1 unit G9SP-N10D/N20S: max.6 units
G9SP-N10S: max.4 units
Non-contact Door Switch
D40A, D40Z
G9SP-N10D/N20S: max.30 units
G9SP-N10S: max.15 units
Safety Mat
UM *1
max.12 units
Safety Edge
SGE *2
max.5 units

*1. The UM Series was discontinued at the end of June 2019.
*2. Only a model with wire configuration of 2-wire cable on both sides (Configuration No. 0)

Programmable Terminal NB series

Programmable Terminals

Product name Specifications Model
NB3Q 3.5 inch, TFT LCD, Color, 320 × 240 dots NB3Q-TW00B-V1
3.5 inch, TFT LCD, Color, 320 × 240 dots, USB Host, Ethernet NB3Q-TW01B-V1
NB5Q 5.7 inch, TFT LCD, Color, 320 × 240 dots NB5Q-TW00B-V1
5.7 inch, TFT LCD, Color, 320 × 240 dots, USB Host, Ethernet NB5Q-TW01B-V1
NB7W 7 inch, TFT LCD, Color, 800 × 480 dots NB7W-TW00B-V1
7 inch, TFT LCD, Color, 800 × 480 dots, USB Host, Ethernet NB7W-TW01B-V1
NB10W 10.1 inch, TFT LCD, Color, 1024 × 600 dots, USB Host, Ethernet NB10W-TW01B-V1


Product name Specifications
Support Software for NB Series
NB-Designer *
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 10
Note: Download from Omron's regional websites.

* NB-Designer version 1.32 or later can be used with G9SP.
  For detail, refer to the NB Series catalog (Cat. No. V467).