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Smart Sensors Laser Displacement Sensors CMOS Type


Stable measurement that is unaffected by workpiece changes. The simple setting for everyone.

Stable Measurement and Easy to Use

(Stability) Stable measurements in case of color/material and moving objects

Dynamic range of two million times [Patented]*1

Stable measurements are enabled for any color or surface condition, including metals, substrates, elastomers, and transparent materials, through OMRON's unique HSDR-CMOS (High Speed and Dynamic Range) image sensor and a step-less laser power adjustment algorithm.

A line beam is used in addition to an emitter beam when dealing with rough surfaces to average out the amount of reflected light and to offset the amount of light received at a high-speed measurement period of 30 μs in order to reduce variations in received light and to enable stable measurements for moving objects.

CMOS Image Sensor

ZX2 Features 5

Step-less adjustment of laser power

ZX2 Features 6

Stable measurements on objects with changing color/material

ZX2 Features 7

Stable measurements on moving objects

ZX2 Features 8

Note. The resolution, angle characteristic, measuring range, linearity, spot diameter, and other specifications differ among
         models. Refer to Ratings and Specifications for details.The linearity indicates the error with respect to the ideal
         straight line of the displacement output in the case of measuring Omron’ s standard target object. Linearity and
         measured value may vary depending on target object. Before final installation, test the sensor required for the
         application to validate that the desired measurements have been obtained.
*1. “Patented” means that we obtained a patent in Japan. (As of October 2019)

(Easy) Easy and User-friendly Configuration

Smart tuning [Patented]*1

ZX2 Features 11

The ideal configuration for stable measurements is realized by a single button through the new feature "smart tuning", and no longer depends on the skill of the user. A reliable configuration is achieved by three tuning methods, which can be selected to match the type of object and surface conditions to be measured.

Three selectable tunings

ZX2 Features 13

Single smart tuning
Best configuration for stable detection in case of objects do not change by pushing the button for one second

ZX2 Features 14

Multi-smart tuning
Ideal configuration for stable detection of changing objects by pushing the button for three seconds

ZX2 Features 15

Active smart tuning
Continuous configuration improvement for the stable detection of all locations by pushing the button for five seconds

Support for Various Environments/Space-Saving

Reliable measurements in harsh environments

IP67, robot cable & temperature characteristic 0.02% F.S./°C

ZX2 Features 18

IP67 protection class enables to use the sensor in harsh environments. A robot cable is used as standard between the head and amplifier, that the unit can be used reliably on moving parts. In addition, as 3D UV bond is used to fix the optical components rather than screws, stress can be controlled and a temperature characteristic 0.02% F.S./°C* is realized.
* If the room temperature varies 1°C, the measured value varies 0.02% F.S. (corresponding to 4μm for the Model ZX2-LD50)

Compact sensor for easy mounting

World smallest *

ZX2 Features 20

The world's smallest CMOS laser displacement sensor head is realized in a resin case. Enables to mount the sensor in smallest spaces and to minimize measurement errors arising from temperature fluctuations.
* According to OMRON investigation of CMOS laser displacement sensors performed in September 2010.

10μm precision measurements

Linearity to meet the application

ZX2 Features 22

Measurements to an even higher accuracy are realized for applications that do not require the entire measurement range. If the range of the field is less than the length of the measurement center, linearity accuracy improves by 50% compared with that for the full range.*
* For the ZX2-LD50L/LD100L.

Visualization to prevent from stopping the production-line

Laser life display function

ZX2 Features 24

The end of the laser diode lifespan is automatically detected and displayed so maintenance can be performed systematically. On the main digital display of the amplifier, this is indicated by an LED on the back of the head. Accordingly, in case of amplifier is within the control panel, the lifetime can be confirmed by the head and the indications are not missed.

A thorough pursuit of user-friendliness

No need for a manual

11 Segment LED Display

An 11 segment LED display is integrated in the compact housing. Alphanumeric characters can be read with ease and there is no need to refer to a manual.

ZX2 Features 27

Comparison of the existing 7 segment LED display and the 11 segment LED display

ZX2 Features 28

Perform two calculations with ease

Thickness + subtraction mode

The calculated results of two sensor heads are displayed on the amplifier unit by just connecting the calculating unit between the two amplifier units. The calculation function can be chosen from the two modes of thickness and subtraction. It is also possible to prevent mutual interference by coupling via the calculating units. (Up to five amplifier units can be connected.)

Thickness mode

ZX2 Features 31

Subtraction mode

ZX2 Features 32

Easy change of setup

Equipped with 4 banks

ZX2 Features 34

The amplifier unit is equipped with four bank functions.
Easy change of setup between four modes is supported by just switching between the bank functions.