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Temperature Controller (48 x 48 mm)


Ideal for heater control, these Temperature Controllers offer the highest control performance at surprisingly low cost! Easy to Read with One of the Largest Character Displays Anywhere.

Software Download

You can download and install ThermoMini Software.

Temperature Controllers

Size Power supply
Input type Alarm
Control output Model
48 × 48 mm
100 to 240 VAC Thermocouple 1 Relay output E5CB-R1TC
Platinum resistance thermometer E5CB-R1P
Thermocouple Voltage output
(for driving SSR)
Platinum resistance thermometer E5CB-Q1P
24 VAC/VDC Thermocouple Relay output E5CB-R1TCD
Platinum resistance thermometer E5CB-R1PD
Thermocouple Voltage output
(for driving SSR)
Platinum resistance thermometer E5CB-Q1PD

Accessories (Order Separately)

Terminal Cover

Model E53-COV19

Note: If you use the E53-COV19 Terminal Cover, you will not be able to connect two crimp terminals to the same terminal on the terminal block.

Front Cover

Type Model
Hard Front Cover Y92A-48B
Soft Front Cover Y92A-48D

USB-Serial Conversion Cable

Model E58-CIFQ2

Mounting Adapter (Included)

Model Y92F-49


Model Y92F-45
Note: 1. Use this Adapter when the Front Panel has already been prepared for the E5B[].
          2. Only black is available.

Watertight Cover

Model Y92A-48N

DIN Track Mounting Adapter

Model Y92F-52

Waterproof Packing (Included)

Model Y92S-P6

Unit Seal

Model Y92S-L2