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FL Series

Lighting for Image Processing

FL Series

Next generation ODR technology

MDMC Light
FL-MD Series

FL Series Features 1

• Combination of illumination directions, colors, and light intensities.

• Flexible illumination patterns for additional objects or inspection items.

Illumination Structure

FL Series Features 2


FL Series Features 3

Photometric Stereo Light
FL-PS Series

FL Series Features 4

• Captures images under different illumination directions to extract “characters” and “scratches and dents“.

Illumination Structure

Four lights are lit in turn, and variations in brightness are analyzed.
Printed characters with little variation in brightness even under different illumination directions are extracted as texture, and a dent with huge variation in brightness is extracted as a shape.

FL Series Features 5


Inspection of dents on characters

FL Series Features 6

Bar Light
FL-BR Series

FL Series Features 7

• High-brightness ODR lighting beyond the limitations of LEDs.
• Stable inspection even for high-speed applications.
• Bright even through a polarizing filter.
• Easy wiring, mounting, and adjustment.

FL Series Features 8


FL Series Features 9

The cable can extend from either direction, allowing for horizontal or vertical wiring layouts on the mounting surface.

Mounting and Adjustment

FL Series Features 10

The light is structured for mounting with nuts to an arm on the back or side surfaces.
Minute changes in the position can be achieved by sliding the light.

FL Series Features 11

Specialized mounting brackets enable mounting at a flexible angle.

Illumination Structure

FL Series Features 12

Lighting Intensity Distribution Characteristics

FL Series Features 13


FL Series Features 14
FL Series Features 15

Direct Ring Light
FL-DR Series

FL Series Features 16

• High brightness in a small package.
•Wide range of working distance.

FL Series Features 17
FL Series Features 18

Illumination Structure

FL Series Features 19

Lighting Intensity Distribution Characteristics

FL Series Features 20


FL Series Features 21
FL Series Features 22

Camera-mount Lighting Controller for FL Series
FL-TCC Series

• No separate power supply is required because the power is supplied from the Camera.
• Light is emitted when a trigger signal is received from the Camera.
• Simple connection between the Camera and the Lighting with a single cable.

FL Series Features 23

Digital Lighting Controller for FL series
FL-STC Series

Easy Control and Adjustment of the Lighting

With a compact design small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Controller can be built into the control panel or in the gap between production lines.
By using the longest lighting cable in the industry (25 m), the Controller can be installed along with the image processing monitor in a variety of locations. It is possible to adjust the lighting while looking at the screen.

Connect to a Remote Control Panel

FL Series Features 26

Mount to a DIN Rail underneath the Line or in the Gap between Tables

FL Series Features 27

Lighting Control without Programming

This enables light emission synchronized with the camera using essentially any trigger, such as a photoelectric sensor.
The Controller can be connected to an image processing device to control lighting without any programming on a PLC.

[ Control Output ]
• PNP/NPN models
• Power source: 24 V

[ Lighting Emission Controls ]
• Lighting triggers can be used individually for each channel.
• Lighting delay and lighting time can be controlled.

Intuitive Digital Light Controls

Digital adjustment of light emission makes it easy to reproduce the lighting environment after line switchovers.

FL Series Features 31

Lighting Controller for Photometric Stereo Lights
FL-TCC1PS Series

FL Series Features 32

• No need to control light emission timing.

• Simple wiring from a vision system controller.

• Light intensity and luminance control are set through the vision system controller.