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FQ2-CH Series

Optical Character Recognition Sensor

FQ2-CH Series

Even if printing is distorted or unclear due to conveyor line conditions, a unique reading method with a built-in dictionary enables stable reading of characters.

[Extended Functions : OCR] New OCR Method to Quickly Read Characters without Dictionary Registration

FQ2-CH Series Features 1

Date Verification

Even if printing is distorted or unclear due to conveyor line conditions, a unique reading method with a built-in dictionary enables stable reading of characters.

FQ2-CH Series Features 2

Character Recognition and Label Position Inspection

Although previously performed as separate processes, character recognition and inspection tools can now both be performed with a single FQ2 Sensor.
This helps you reduce costs and save space.

FQ2-CH Series Features 3

OCR with Built-in Dictionary


The large amount of data in the built-in dictionary contains approximately 80 different fonts that are used on FA sites.Variations for worn characters, blurring, distortion, different backgrounds, and size changes have been included to enable stable and highly accurate reading with the built-in dictionary even for some variations in the characters.It is not necessary to set parameters to compensate for character contrast or positional offsetting.

FQ2-CH Series Features 5

Utilities That Make Daily Operation Easier


The character data being read can be verified against the character data registered in the master data. You can register up to 32 character strings in the master data and easily change the current master data with an external signal. With the FQ2-S4, you can also compare against the character strings read from bar codes or 2D codes.

FQ2-CH Series Features 7

Calendar Function

The calendar function eliminates the need to set the date and best-before date manually every day. You can also set the dates according to the dates set to the printer by using the command sent from the external system in addition to from the Touch Finder for the FQ2.

FQ2-CH Series Features 8

Registration in Model Dictionary

Non conventional characters can be added to the dictionary.Special fonts are difficult to read with the default settings, but add them to the dictionary and the FQ2 provides reliable readings.

FQ2-CH Series Features 9

Logging Images and Reading Data

The inspected images and reading results can be temporarily saved in the sensor. Additionally, up to 10,000 images and 10,000,000 reading results can be saved in a 4-GB SD card. You can select logging both OK and NG results or only NG results to aid in traceability.

FQ2-CH Series Features 10

Boundary Correction

Dark areas around characters, such as bar codes, are removed to achieve stable reading.

FQ2-CH Series Features 11

[Expanded Functions : Code Reader] Read Any of 15 Types of Codes from Paper Labels to Direct Marking

Code and Character Verification

OCR and Code Reading inspection items can be combined to read codes and verify them against character strings all within the FQ2.
No programming of external devices is required.

FQ2-CH Series Features 13
FQ2-CH Series Features 14

Reading Direct Marking Codes

It has become common to manage information by directly marking codes on products. However, differences in materials often causes instability when reading the printed characters.The FQ2 achieves stable reading with unique functionality designed just for DPM.

FQ2-CH Series Features 15
FQ2-CH Series Features 16

Print Quality Grading Function

The function to evaluate the quality of a 2D code (DataMatrix) enables an in-line check of the relative quality change and the parameter where the change occurred.

FQ2-CH Series Features 18

Note: This function evaluates relative change in code quality and does not give absolute grading
         The FQ2-S4 with sensor version 2.20 or later provides this function.

Types of Filtering

You can apply up to three of the four unique filters developed by OMRON in the desired order to remove printing irregularities and noise, in order to achieve a stable reading.

FQ2-CH Series Features 19

Combining Filtering

Erosion and dilation can be combined to connect dots without changing the dot thickness.

FQ2-CH Series Features 20

Retry function

Code Readers must be able to read codes even for poor printing conditions. You can automatically retry reading while changing the exposure time and other reading conditions, even for changing workpieces or environments, to enable a stable reading.

1 Retrying the Specified Number of Times with the Same Conditions

Reading is performed for the specified number of times for the same scene.

FQ2-CH Series Features 22

2 Retrying While External Trigger Is Input

Reading is performed until successful, as long as an external level trigger is input.

FQ2-CH Series Features 23

3 Retrying While Changing the Shutter Speed

Reading is performed for the same scene while changing the exposure time in stages.

FQ2-CH Series Features 24

4 Retrying While Changing the Reading Conditions

When reading DPM codes, inconsistencies in printing conditions can result in NGs if reading is performed with only one set of reading settings.
The FQ2 allows you to register up to 32 sets of reading conditions as scenes and retry reading while changing the scenes in order.
The system automatically determines the scenes with the highest usage rates and changes the order to start with them to flexibly handle changes in reading conditions. Of course you can specify a fixed order if required.

FQ2-CH Series Features 25

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