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V680S Series

RFID System

V680S Series

3 in 1 RFID: Antenna, Amplifier & Controller

Easy Connection

Simple system configuration

Connect with just one cable via built-in Ethernet

One Connection

Embedded Ethernet I/F realizes just one connection to the system without any network converter. Wiring work can be reduced.

Easy Programming

3 types of industrial Ethernet protocols enable to connect any type of PLC with easy programming.

V680S Series Features 4

Easy System Expansion

Multiple Reader/Writers can be easily connected by using a Switching HUB. System design and system expansion can be configured easily.

V680S Series Features 5

[Plus+] The Connection Procedure Manual for OMRON NJ Series and CJ Series is available.

Note : Contact your OMRON sales representative for the Connection Procedure Manual.

Easy Installation

Easy to find the best installation location

Communication Diagnostic via LED status indicators

Visualized Communications Status

On-site operators can easily check the communications status with the indicators of the Reader/Writer.
The indicators using easy-to-see high-brightness LED can be easily seen from a distance.

V680S Series Features 9

Diagnosis of Communications

The Reader/Writer measures the communications signal and ambient noise levels to diagnose its stability,then indicates in LED and report to Host System.Easily and quickly checks the proper installation of the system, and helps to reduce startup time. This can be used for preventing errors during operation.

V680S Series Features 11

1. Communication Diagnostic is disabled in the default settings.
2. The communication time is longer when enabling Communication Diagnostic.
  For details, refer to the User's Manual (Cat. No. Z339 or Z353).

Interrogation Zone Extended Mode

Can control multiple Reader/Writers by sending just one command.
The Reader/Writers installed on both sides of the conveyor can access the RF Tags
on the pallets even if the pallets are not placed with the same orientation.

V680S Series Features 12

Easy Operation

No special software nor expert RFID knowledge required

Operate via web browser on your computer

WEB Browser I/F

Enable all parameter settings, execute RF Tag communications, and check the operation log anywhere by just connecting the computer.

Easy Troubleshooting

Up to 2000 communication results are stored and guidance for the “Warning” results is provided.
Can be quickly recovered from trouble without expert knowledge.


Latest 2,048 communication results are logged and checked.

V680S Series Features 17


Diagnostic results can be shown by the graph.
Analysis time to identify the cause of unstable communication can be reduced by checking the time-series signal and noise levels.
The results can be output to CSV files.

V680S Series Features 18

[Plus+] Four Language Support

Select from four languages: English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

V680S Series RF Tag

Contributes to shorter set-up time and more stable operation

Versatile selection, IPx9K support, and longer communication range

Easy to Select Suitable RF Tag for Your Application

V680S RF Tag series offers 8 kinds of full combinations based on Communication Range, Mounting Materials, Memory Sizes.
Making it Easy to find the suitable RF Tag for your application.

V680S Series Features 22

Durable to High-temperature Wash Down : IP68 + IPx9K*1 Support

RF Tag is molded by PPS resin which has superior oil and chemical resistance specification. It can be washed-down by a steam cleaner without removing from the pallet.

*1. IPx9K is a protection standard regarding high temperature and high-pressure water.

V680S Series Features 23

Longer Communication Range*2

V680S series RF Tags are optimally designed to be used with V680S series Reader/Writers. Communication Range are up to 30% longer than those of existing models. This enables more flexible system design.

V680S Series Features 24

Combination Examples

V680S Series Features 25

*2. When using some combinations of V680S series RF Tag and V680S series Reader/Writer.