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Redundancy Unit


Contribute to build high reliable systems Compact and Cost-effective solution for Back-up applications Easy setup for system reliability requirement

Note: For details on normal stock models, contact your nearest OMRON representative.

Input voltage Output current Model number
5 to 30 VDC 10 A S8VK-R10
10 to 60 VDC 20 A S8VK-R20

Mounting Brackets

Name Model
Front-mounting bracket (for S8VK-R10) S82Y-VS10F
Front-mounting bracket (for S8VK-R20) S82Y-VK10F
Side-mounting bracket (for S8VK-R10) S82Y-VS10S
Side-mounting bracket (for S8VK-R20) S82Y-VK10S

Note: Be sure to use the accessory screws. Mounting screw tightening torque (recommended): 4.43 to 5.31 lb-in (0.5 to 0.6 N·m)