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Miniature Power Relays


Mechanical Indicators Added as a Standard Feature to Our Best-selling MY General-purpose Relays

Easier to See, Easier to Use

OMRON insists on inhouse production from component molds to manufacturing facilities to better meet your needs.

Easily Accessible Information!

Product Information at a Glance

The model, specifications, and safety standards are all provided on the top surface.
You can check this information while the Relay is mounted in the Socket.

MY-GS Features 3

Contact Status at a Glance

Mechanical indicators are now a standard feature so that you know the contact operating status even for standard models.

MY-GS Features 4

Different Looks for Different Specifications

To prevent incorrectly using the Relays, we’ve made it easy to tell the difference between Relays with different specifications.

MY-GS Features 5

Added a Series with a Latching Lever that is Useful for Operation Check of Relay Sequence Circuits
Latching lever operating method

MY-GS Features 6

Note.According to the mechanism of the latching lever, the contacts are operated forcibly while the coil voltage is not
         being applied.

Reliable Application!

High Durability

High Electrical Durability
Helps reduce the maintenance frequency.

Two-pole Relay: 500,000 operations
Four-pole Relay: 200,000 operations
Note. For switching the rated load. Refer to the datasheet for details.

MY-GS Features 8

Wide Ambient Operating Temperature
Reliable application is possible for high-density mounting and in cold locations.

Ambient operating temperature: -55 to 70°C

MY-GS Features 9

High Shock Resistance
Reduces malfunctions for unexpected external shocks.

Malfunction shock resistance: 20G

MY-GS Features 10

New Design Stable Quality in Automatic Manufacturing

We took 50 years of manufacturing experience and designed market needs into design and production.

Examples: Connection reliability was achieved with welding and one-piece molding while stable quality was achieved in automatic manufacturing.

MY-GS Features 11