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Miniature Power Relays


Mechanical Indicators Added as a Standard Feature to Our Best-selling MY General-purpose Relays

“High reliability, long endurance” Relays that are the result of more than 50 years of experience in actual production to resolve your facility stoppage issues

Have you ever experienced that

MY-GS Features 2

What is dust, to begin with?

• Resin scrap coming from relay parts

• Textile fibers coming from assembly workers during production

MY-GS Features 3

High Reliability

Thorough Dust Removal in Three Steps to Realizes High Reliability

OMRON’s three commitments for relay production towards improved reliability.

MY-GS Features 5

High Durability

High Electrical Durability

Helps reduce the maintenance frequency.
Two-pole Relay: 500,000 operations
Four-pole Relay: 200,000 operations

MY-GS Features 7

Wide Ambient Operating Temperature

Reliable application is possible for high-density mounting and in cold locations.
Ambient operating temperature: -55 to 70°C

MY-GS Features 8

High Shock Resistance

Reduces malfunctions for unexpected external shocks
Malfunction shock resistance: 20G

MY-GS Features 9

Avidly Pursuing Further “Ease of Use”

MY-GS Features 10

Contact Status at a Glance

Mechanical indicators are now a standard feature so that you know the contact operating status even for standard models.

MY-GS Features 11

No Need for Coil Energization to Confirm Operation

Operation of models with latching lever can be confirmed without energizing the coil.

MY-GS Features 12

Different Looks for Different Specifications

To prevent incorrectly using the Relays, we’ve made it easy to tell the difference between Relays with different specifications.

MY-GS Features 13