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A30NN / A30NL

Pushbutton Switches

A30NN / A30NL

30-mm dia. Pushbutton Switches Control panel miniaturization through a more compact design and modified wiring direction. Addition of Push-In Plus terminal blocks for easy wiring. Workability and safety improvements.

Easy to Use

• You can connect up to three Contact Blocks in one stage for multistage expansion. (Screw terminal block type)
• Screw terminal structure is compatible with round crimp terminals. (Screw terminal block type)
• The terminals can be secured even when a contact block is mounted. (Screw terminal block type)
• Contact Blocks can be attached in any direction for easy assembly.


• Easy-to-operate lock lever for secure locking.
• Easy-mounting Contact Blocks provide finger protection.
• No loose connections of wiring means maintenance-free use. (Push-In Plus terminal block type)

Product Lineup

• The buttons and bezels come in a wide variety of colors and shapes.